Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, December 27, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Show Your Originality with These 7 Evening Styling Tricks

Yes we get it, you are all dressed out.So many get togethers and you are done with trying to look special.Your evening options are starting to look a little stale, yet shopping for evening wear this late in the season feels a bit silly.We have for you 7 tricks to add some originality to your next evening look.

1 || The Naked Pantsuit

Yes you probably have already tried the wear-a-pantsuit-instead-of-a-dress look. We are suggesting you take it up a notch with a menswear vest underneath instead of a top. This courageous look will catch people a little off guard.The trick though is for the neckline to be deep enough to keep people wandering.Add a layered few necklaces to draw attention to your neckline too.

2 || Socks and Shoes

We are not that fond of booties with dresses.Ultimately they cut the leg off at the ankle which doesn’t help in the long legs department.You can still achieve the on-trend look with a pair of ankle tights.Whether they are net or just a semi-opaque stocking it will give the impression of a bootie without compromising your leggy look.

3 || Lingerie

There is nothing more seductive than satin and lace, as long as it is high quality.If you are wearing an off the shoulder top, forgo the strapless bra and put on a black bra with lace strap details.If you are wearing a jacket or cardigan, wear a satin slip underneath.This flash of femininity is a timeless classic.

4 || Play the Role

Many of us put looks together that technically match, but don’t actually match in the attitude department.Take for example a pair of leather pants, chunky sweater and booties.They match but don’t really say much about you… What if you wore your chunky sweater slightly off your shoulder, wore pointy black high heels with your leather pants, and had your hair in a tousled ‘just got out of bed’ look.There…much better.There is more to a look than clothes matching, the attitudes need to match.

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5 || Accessories Overdose

Anything in excess is bad for you, except of course for accessories.They are in fact a segway to originality, simply because it is so difficult to get the mix right. Take time to artistically pile on those necklaces or bracelets or rings, but never all at once!

6 || Layering Fragrance

Fragrance says so much about you, but spritzing on a few on your way out isn’t exactly the right way to do it.Fragrance needs to emanate from you, which is why you need to layer it on.Start with a shower gel and or body cream, followed by a spritz or two from about a foot over your head.This technique allows the fragrance to really sink in without become overpowering.When you move the fragrance will almost move with you.This really works!

7 || Does Your Look Match Your Fragrance and Makeup?

Things are much more powerful when they work together.If you are going for a delicate pastel look, your makeup needs to have the same attitude.Maybe a fresh-faced, gentle cat-eye with a bright lip.The fragrance should exude the same attitude also, it may not work too well if you try YSL’s Opium with this look, it’s too heavy and heady. Perhaps a citrus fragrance will match better…

Dec 27, 2017