Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, June 25, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Shopping The Summer Sales? Here’s What To Pick Up For Your Fall Wardrobe

The fashion world doesn’t need it to get cold for them to sport Fall ’18/19 trends. As soon as August gives us its back, the fashion capitals of the world with turn their back on all things summery and adopt fall trends, even at summer temperatures.

With that in mind, surfing the web for great summer deals just got that much more interesting. Don’t over-indulge in familiar summer fashion that will be out by September. We’ve done the work for you and identified the six fall trends that you can actually shop in the summer sales. Don’t worry, no puffer jackets or faux fur capes included!

Animal Print

In-again out-again animal print will forever be falling in and out of fashion. This coming winter season sees plenty of animal prints in a variety of colors. Pick up some all-season pieces in this 'love it or hate it' trend.

Colored PVC and Foil

Yes clear and pastel plastics are having their moment this summer and it will follow through to fall. Opt for plastics in slightly darker or more opaque shades that will match better with the shades of fall come September.


Buttery leathers in wintery tones were seen all over the fall 2018 runways. Pick up a skirt or even a jacket in this style, it will serve you well come September 1st.

Western Details

This trend has been doing a peek-a-boo with us for some time now. Actually since Dior resort last year. We believe it will be seen in full force this fall. Pick up a Western belt, earrings or even a patchwork jacket.


This should be an easy category to cover given the sheer volume of what was on offer this summer. Opt for deeper colors though, and perhaps a slightly bigger print. Allow the contrasts to be stronger. Less Laura Ashley more Marrimeko!

Men’s Suiting

A grey pantsuit or a herringbone blazer may not be the easiest thing to find during the summer sales, but in case you do, pick them up! Lots of men’s suiting come Fall.

Eighties Brights

Bright and boisterous, just like the Eighties. It might be too early to get in on the complete look, shoulder pads and all. But if you find any great layering pieces in pops of color, don’t hesitate!

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Jun 25, 2018