The London based designer Sarah Baadarani's Middle Eastern roots coupled with living her life in the west has given her a unique vision to understanding and approaching what is often seen as two very opposite ends of the fashion spectrum. Rather than look at them as incompatible, she tries and finds ways to can bring them together. Often what she found is that one compliments the other, and the delicate balance which she infuses in her line, tends to draw them out even more than if they were standing on their own. She thinks one could definitely attribute the conservative sensuality of her clothing to her Middle Eastern origins. She thinks women here have impeccable style and taste and she is proud to have them wearing her clothing.

Her line is about balance but portrayed in an unexpected form. It forces those observing the clothing to process conventional imagery in a new way, which very much speaks to the type of woman who wear her clothing. They have a certain kind of attitude, and understated confidence, a subtle sensuality, and this above all else, is what makes them beautiful.

With a touch of sophisticated elegance gracing her designs it’s easy to see why Sarah Baadarani is one to watch.

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