, March 26, 2018
by Hala Oran

Re-Inventing The Wheel With Roller Liquid Eyeliners!!

Being one who struggles with liquid eyeliners, I personally retired them to the bottom shelf of my rarely-used makeup items. I only reach out for them occasionally and every time I do I regret using them because - obviously - this winged eye look is just ain’t happening for me!! However, I’m not one to give up, and for those who know me, know that a trip to Sephora will surely break my bank, and theirs if they accompany me!

So keeping in line with my habit to try anything new I stumbled upon an intriguing idea and though I haven’t had the chance to test it out yet but I had to at least share it. Wheel eyeliners, pizza-cutter eyeliners or roller eyeliners are the newest eye makeup trend to take over, and it is claimed that these are the final answer to the 4-million-times googled question of “how to apply liquid eyeliner”.

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This trend was introduced by our dearest MAC in 2017 during New York Fashion Week with the launch of their limited edition RollerWheel Liquid Eyeliner. The crowds were instantly taken and other brands immediately took notice. These beauties claim to take the guesswork out of applying the oh-so-tricky wing; shaky hands won’t scare us anymore. All that is needed is to roll the inky wheel along your lash line for a smooth precise application, however placing the tip of the applicator at the correct angle and applying some pressure is crucial to successful application. Pulling your eyelid tautly is also another important tip to ensure precise application. The applicator design is basically the same in all brands, when you decide to purchase however, you might want to check out other factors such as color, formula, finish in terms being matte, velvety or glossy, and finally durability.

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Mar 26, 2018