The Designer

Rasha’s interest in arts and design in their different forms started early on. Her maneuver with arts started with literary writing, and then her study of graphic design. She worked for a short while in the domain to soon realize her passion and drive for drawing went beyond rigid shapes and mute computer screens. Her outstanding free-hand drawing and sharp eye for lines and colors soon revealed that her talent was truly in fashion sketching. She decided to materialize this interest and indulge hands on into tailoring and fabrication as her first essential step towards a professional career. And so, to make her next official move into the fashion design business legitimate and refine her raw and undeniable talent she also pursued an academic degree in fashion design in Jordan.

The Brand

In October 2013, Rasha and her sister Rula - who comes from a management and PR background- opened their atelier and launched the brand “Rasha Odeh Designs”. Now the brand has become highly recognized in the local and regional fashion market as one that offers a wide range of creations.

The Collection

Thanks to the Rasha’s constantly evolving ability to adapt different styles, and the brand’s belief of the diversity of one community and the versatility of a modern woman, they intend in their creations to address various styles ranging from classic and semi-formal, to trendy and street style, and even a special line for modest fashion. The meticulous choice of unique and uncommon fabrics and accessories, and the impeccable fabrication and high end tailoring and finish have now become the two most distinguished characteristics of the brand.

The Exposure

“Rasha Odeh Designs” is now being featured in local and regional media channels, social media platforms and renowned publications as one of the top new local designer brands. Rasha, the designer, has been voted among top 10 designers in Jordan in the “Faces of Fashion” vote that was run by leading lifestyle magazine “Living Well” in 2015. In addition to local and regional participation in fashion and artsy lifestyle related events, “Rasha Odeh Designs” plans to expand its customers reach through establishing new retail channels at prime locations in Amman, Dubai, Kuwait and Cairo, and launching new product lines that cater to different segments.

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