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You can imagine Rabih having created the skeleton to this beautiful collection in his artisan style notebook, fountain pen in hand, while he sat by the sea of his local village, that he calls home on weekends.

After four weeks of grueling shows, his show was literally a soothing balm to the audiences' battered psyches. 'That's where we want to go' and 'that is how we want to be dressed.'

The collection was pure, his touch, feather light. As Rabih himself shared, “Suddenly, there's nothing to restrict. It's very pure this time."

This season, the designer showed a masterful control of volume on weightless handkerchief hemmed gowns, a roomy rainbow caftan, and full sleeved tops. And in a season filled with jumpsuits, Kayrouz proposed some of the most desirable – wrapping his fabric across the front of the body to finish beautifully along one shoulder.

When a bit of structure was introduced into the show, it was as smooth and rich as butter, nothing jarred or contrived. The structure merely in place to give his pieces an important sense of definition.

This collection was a moment of faultless tranquility in a fashion week filled with empty noise.