Amman, February 18, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Plogging || The Environment-Friendly Workout

The game of ‘made-up’ new words has recently become much more interesting. Creating new verbal terms is becoming quite a hit and life has become much more enjoyable after blogging, vlogging and phubbing verbs have emerged recently, now a new verb is trending big time, plogging!

What Is Plogging?

Plogging is the Swedish feel-good running trend that is taking social media by storm! A word that is a combination of jogging and picking up, using the Swedish term ‘plocka upp’ this new trending term is in fact quite interesting and simple; while you’re running or jogging outdoors carry along a small sack with you, wear a rubber glove and just pick up any litter that comes your way! Not only is plogging environment-friendly, it is actually an amazing way to up your workout momentum by involving squatting which acts as an added bonus! The result is a satisfying act of affinity to your community and a greener prettier looking city!

You will be amazed how much litter is out there though! From cigarette butts to bottle caps, deflated balloons and plastic water bottles, coffee cups, sandwich wraps you name it! Locking your eyes on the ground you will become a great scanning machine for things to pick up. The next step would be recycling those picked up items and there is really nothing that beats this rewarding feeling!

Being blessed with great weather in our dear Jordan, this plogging initiative will definitely make sense! Whether you run solo or are part of an outdoor boot camp, many gyms offer that, plogging will eventually make a lot of sense..And as the average person burns 288 calories for every 30 minutes spent plogging, that officially counts as a win-win situation!

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Feb 18, 2018