, June 10, 2018
by Hala Oran

Plan Your Dream Wedding With Kayali Jewelry

As we approach the end of Ramadan and the official start of Summer, we are also approaching a signifiant season that brings with it all sorts of exiting preparations and festivities….yes you guessed it! We are quickly approaching the wedding season with all its extravaganza. It is needless to mention that weddings take months of preparation for those involved, and take a whole team of professionals to get it right, and we haven’t even started discussing the costs!! Well, Amman’s favourite jewellers, Kayali, want to take the hassle out of everything wedding related, while providing the bride and groom with the best deals out there to put together the perfect wedding. Kayali’s loyalty program WISH is the sky’s ultimate answer to every prayer uttered by an engaged couple on their way to the altar!

The Kayali’s have undoubtedly established themselves as one of Amman’s leading jewelry and watch destinations with over 66 years of experience in the field. Creating a lifestyle rather than a shopping destination, one can rest assured that he is being well taken care of in any of Kayali’s outlets and I speak with confidence and from first-hand experience! The expert team at Kayali Jewelry are always ahead of their game and their new loyalty program WISH is a culmination of their efforts and their sensitivity to people’s needs, aspirations and expectations; especially those who are about to embark on the greatest journey of their lives.

Kayali’s WISH loyalty program facilitates their clients’ lives by providing them with amazing deals at Amman’s leading wedding professionals upon buying their bridal jewerly at Kayali. It is needless to mention that investing in Kayali jewelry means that you receive a bespoke item that is intricately and meticulously crafted with the highest quality of diamonds imaginable at very competitive prices. In addition to their own private label, Kayali jewelry also carry a number of renowned international brands that satisfy all tastes.

Dear bride, upon purchasing your bridal jewelry from Kayali you are not only investing in heirloom pieces that you will pass down future generations; but you are also investing in your own wedding day when you become automatically eligible for discounts and privileges at THE wedding planners in Amman. You will receive 20% discount on your wedding dream dress from Sposabella; Amman’s prestigious wedding and evening wear destination, while you get yourself pampered at Gaia’s Cocoon with a 25% discount on your bridal package. Alissar Flowers will provide you with FREE wedding management, in addition to 10% discount on your wedding floral arrangement. Get a 20% on your wedding cake and the lavish dessert table that will be designed by the culinary experts at The Cakery. And Travel One will provide you with an exclusive upgrade and concierge services on your honeymoon destination, while Aladdin Qattouri will capture your memories with special rates on your wedding day photography.

If you are truly embarking on the journey of your life and have no idea where to start, look no further! Pay a visit to Kayali Jewelry boutiques in Sweifyeh or Um Uthaina and start your new life with the right step.

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Jun 10, 2018