, December 6, 2017
by Hala Oran

Party Season Overload? 10 Tips to De-Puff Your Face

Did you crave sushi for dinner, or was it a night at the movies, or were you out partying the night away? Whatever the culprit is, there is always a price to pay for trying to enjoy yourself, and in this case it is waking up with an unfortunate case of the puffs. Read below for tips on how to de-puff your face while you enjoy this party season….

1 || Splash Cold Water:

Splash cold water as cold as you can stand it or you can even go further as to rub an ice cube all over your face. This will constrict the capillaries which helps to reduce the swelling and to provide the face with a fresh glow. To take it a step up, dunk your face in a sink filled with cold water, ice cubes, and add some witch hazel for its anti-bloating and anti-inflammatory properties.

2 || Facial Massage:

This is an important step for a number of reasons including swelling reduction, improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, and also helps in maintaining the face’s natural contours.

A facial massage can be as simple as using your pointer and middle fingers to rub circular motions on both sides of your face, starting at your jawline and working upwards towards your forehead. Another useful technique is to pinch along your jawline to help with lymphatic drainage. Finish off by tapping all over the face. For more info click here.

3 || Caffeine:

This time it’s not for drinking! Grind half a teaspoon of fresh coffee beans and add them to your face wash for an instant de-bloat by flushing out toxins and increasing circulation.

Green tea works as well; place a few tea bags in the fridge overnight and use them to cleanse your face in the morning and apply over puffy eyes.

4 || Sweat It:

Get on a treadmill or jump on the trampoline to pump up your circulation, and to open up your pores to allow the toxins out.

5 || Jade Rolling:

Using a jade roller has the same effect as having a facial massage with the added benefits of decreasing anxiety and stress. Use it with your favourite serum or a facial oil. For more info click here.

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6 || Try Eye Patches:

Eye patches are magical for the under-eye area. Look for products that have vitamins E and C, aloe vera, and collagen.

7 || Have a Snack:

Make sure to have a water packed snack such as cucumbers, celery, watermelon, or pineapples to hydrate the face and body and replace loss of fluids.

8 || Use a Face Mask:

Use a tightening face mask such as Clarins V-Facial Wrap to quickly release any fluid retention and to soothe irritation.

9 || Use Two Pillows:

If you expect to have a puffy face in the morning due to any number of reasons; try sleeping in a slightly elevated position by using two pillows to reduce the amount of fluids collecting in the face.

10 || Cover It Up:

If all else fails resort to makeup. Use bronzer on your forehead, under your cheekbones and jawline for a more chiseled look. For a slightly more lifted look, apply blush slightly higher up on your cheeks than how you normally would.

Dec 6, 2017