Our 14 Favorite Modern Abaya Designers


Abayas and kaftans have been transformed by a handful of regional talented designers. Breaking the mold of the typical western-inspired classic abaya, these designers have taken the abaya to new levels of creativity with modern silhouettes and innovative textiles. These are our favorites in alphabetical order.


This thoroughly modern Kuwaiti brand specializes in kaftan-inspired dresses. Progressive silhouettes are transformed into unique works of art with traditional embroidery and accessories.


Self described as “bleaching the boundaries between convention, style and modern practicality”, Emirati Badreya Faisal’s unique approach to abayas, with modernist folding techniques and original lengths has made her a household name amongst regional fashionistas.


Faiza Bouguessa is a French-Algerian designer whose commitment to becoming an innovator in the world of fashion all started with a sketchbook, a pencil, and an eye for art and fashion at a very young age.

The combination of her raw talent, hard work, and dedication sets the stage for Bouguessa’s cutting-edge abaya label. This established brand provides modern abaya dressing in a sophisticated way. The pieces will look equally at home in Europe as they do in regional boutiques.

By Nouma

This Kuwaiti label is the boho chic of kaftans, working with natural fibers such as linen and cotton, these pieces have a real tribal flair to them, distinguishing them from other brands. We love their bishts!


This is what happens when the abaya goes to Japan! Dubai based kimono-abaya brand Chi-Ka is created by designer duo, Nemanja Valjarevic and Nina Trojanovic. Drawing inspiration from the cultural similarities in Japanese and Arabian dressing, this label provides a very unique take on traditional wear.


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