Dubai can now add greatest variety of cuisines to its very long list of grandest, longest and tallest. What a treat to choose from the award-winning restaurants on offer in this city. Below are our current 10 favorites, we chose to keep Arabic cuisine out of the mix, as that is a story in and of itself.

#1 La Cantine du Faubourg & The City

This restaurant will not just feed your tummy, it will feed your soul, and fill your senses. Art, music, food and design this multi-faceted experience will keep you coming back for more. Serving urban French cuisine, La Cantine will offer you a seat according to your mood. The upbeat bar area, the airy terrace overlooking DIFC or a more formal dining experience, you choose. The only constant, a thoroughly entertaining evening for your palate, your eyes, your ears and most importantly, your heart !

#2 Coya

This London based restaurant will take you on a Peruvian adventure in the heart of Dubai. Whether you enjoy an evening at the buzzing Pisco Lounge, a meal at the Ceviche counter; the art of theatre preparation on show, or the prestigious Members club, one constant is the sophistication of the cuisine. The authenticity on offer, in small mezza-style dishes will deliver the needed culinary punch. Unfamiliar combinations having you question the ingredients while you savor the flavors. You will come back to this restaurant time and again, that we know for sure.

#3 La Petite Maison

La Petite Maison is one of those rare things, the perfect go-to restaurant. You can't go wrong, rated #94 on the world's best 100 restaurants list for 2015, an unassuming, almost casual ambiance, perfect for both lunch and dinner, the only problem may be getting a reservation. Located at Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), this light-filled French brasserie is always buzzing with people from all walks of life. We are convinced that the positive energy in the air is partly a result of those fresh ingredients and good, old fashioned food, what's not to love!

#4 Marina Social

Marina Social, located at the new Intercontinental Marina is simply delightful. Serving what Michelin Star Jason Atherton calls 'deformalised fine dining', this spacious restaurant will serve you the heartiest of pizzas, the most sophisticated of beetroot dishes and most original foie gras hotdog ever. The ambiance is soothing not an easy feat for the hustle and bustle of a large sized restaurant, the generous space between tables allows you the luxury of savoring your meal in peace. The less formal seating area on the terrace overlooking the water, a real treat in the cooler months. This is a perfect place for a large group, the mediterranean inspired menu will have something fabulous for everyone.

#5 Zuma

What can you possibly say about Zuma that hasn't already been said. This award-winning concept with modern design outposts spread over several continents has a winning formula. The Japanese izakaya style dining, with small dishes steadily served over the evening ensures that they are 'fresh out of the oven'. The cult status of this brand, it's waiting list and it's pricy menu ensures that it is always bustling with the who's who of any society. Dubai's restaurant located at the prestigious DIFC has managed to land itself on the world's 100 best restaurants for three consecutive years. Whether London, Dubai or Miami, the ambiance is the same, trendy energy. Another consistent feature is the sophisticated yet relaxed food on offer, that tricky balance that many attempt yet few perfect.

Nov 1, 2015