Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, May 29, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Nine Arab Creatives We Are Crushing On

In Collaboration With Abdulaziz Hassan at Sweifieh

There are many creatives in Jordan, these nine have caught our attention in the past few months. Their creativity has been food for our soul and at CIIN, we see, love and share. Here you go in alphabetical order of course!

Amar Al Muhataseb

Amar is indeed ‘amar’ but that’s a story for another day. This olive-skinned, green-eyed woman has a beautiful hand for fashion illustration. Adopting the pointillism technique of late, her work has wowed many including us at CIIN!

Dina Fawakhiri

Dina Fawakhiri is a big name in the advertising world, but we at CIIN were oblivious to this, and were instead attracted to her beautifully simple ‘hob’ artwork on Instagram. How hard it is to create impact with simplicity…

Born and raised in the UAE, Dina Fawakhiri began working in advertising soon after graduation. 15 years later, Dina left the industry as Creative Director to one of Jordan’s most prominent agencies, with numerous awards to her name to pursue a freelance career as an Illustrator.

Deya’a Rambo and Abdulaziz Hassan

Graffiti artist Deya’a Rambo is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We are fortunate enough to see his graffiti work on the streets of Amman as well thanks to his collaborations with Jordanian artist Abdulaziz Hassan. Their trademark ‘calligraffiti’, a mix of calligraphy and graffiti brings together two very different worlds in a big bang! Check out some of their work at Abdali and Sweifieh amongst others.

In Collaboration With Abdulaziz Hassan at Abdali

Duaa Assaf

Duaa Assaf is a a tiny person with big talent and huge dreams. Her modern fashion illustrations have taken Jordan by storm and the best is yet to come. An interior designer by profession Duaa has spread her wings to the realm of freehand illustrations and we are excited to see where her path will lead her.

Karima Sharabi

We came across Karima Sharabi on Instagram of course, her finely drawn tattoo designs tempting us to get inked. Based in Bahrain, Karima provides the artwork but not the ink. Karma’s distinct technique is almost feathery in style, there is movement in the lines and calligraphy often incorporated. Check her out !

Labiba Masha’al

Labiba is an architect by profession, after delving into the world of architecture, Labiba took a well deserved break and tried something new, photography. Little did she know that her work would spread like wild fire. Her distinctly modern photography technique is a welcome addition to the photography community.

Mike V. Derderian

We are willing to bet that you have seen Mike’s now iconic graphic images of Ghawar and Co. on someone’s wall. Mike has written a great bio, so we leave it to him… I am a Homo sapien, a writer, a comic artist, illustrator, gumshoe (journalist) and a fierce windmill slayer trying to get a hold of a banana in a world governed by apes, and who happens to go by the name SARDINE. Why Sardine? Is it because I smell funny! No it is because I love eating sardines and I find a can of sardine fascinating as an object of artistic merit, be it full or empty. After an 11 year hiatus from drawing I decided it time was to get back and here I am. Created a comic strip called The Dark Side of the Spoon in 2008 and that got published in U Men magazine for 20 issues. The strip and its two antagonists, Mako and Me-ouch, encouraged me to get back into art. At the moment I am doing short comic stories and posters that revolve around social, political and existential themes.

Noor Ziyad Photography

As if newborns weren’t cute enough already, New Yorker Noor Ziad is on a mission to make them almost edible. This new-born and child portrait artist is thankfully now based in Amman, and has turned child photography into an art form. Seeing is believing, you need to check her out!

Shamekh Bluwi

Saudi Arabian Shamekh Bluwi is a fashion illustrator, his charismatic personality has transformed him into some sort of a regional super hero, we all love Shamekh. An architect by profession, when not working as a visual artist or fashion illustrator Shamekh spends his time on photoshoots for the likes of Cadillac Arabia. Pretty cool!


May 29, 2017