Nicholas K || The Intriguing NY Fashion Show Inspired By Jordanian Movie Theeb

New York Fashion week is almost over, but not before Jordan made it’s mark on the city. The American brand Nicholas K made sure of that with a nomadic chic collection inspired by Wadi Rum. Backstage at the show the duo were passionately gushing about their vision for their latest Spring 2017 collection.

“We looked at this movie called Theeb,” said Nicholas K’s Nicholas Kunz. “It takes place in the Wadi Rum region of Jordan—there’s this incredible color palette, nudes to desert sage.” “Have you seen The Martian?” her brother Christopher, who co-runs the label with Nicholas, then asked. “That’s where it was filmed.”

What ensued was a stellar presentation of luxurious sportswear pieces that the duo are synonymous with. In a serene palette of sands and sage, the models came down the runway in minimalist silks and distressed leathers that made for very chic desert travelers. Slouchy pants layered to crop tops and duster coats, perfect for the typical bi-polar desert weather…Hot by day, cold by night.

Their formal dresses were inspired by the traditional Jordanian hatta which was transformed into asymmetrical knot dresses. They took the dress theme further by creating prints inspired by authentic bedouin tents. All the while, the catwalk music conjured up images of a sensual evening by the light of the moon.

What was most intriguing was the Arabia-inspired headgear. Modern leather floppy hats and traditional hatta-visor contraptions that could come in very handy on our next trip down south. As for the Martian-inspired getup in the final look, maybe not so much…