New York-Based Palestinian Fashion Designer Rami Kashou Exhibits at the United Nations

Palestinian fashion designer Rami Kashou has debuted his latest Palestinian-inspired fashion pieces at the United Nations. The exhibit entitled, “Threads of Continuity - Identity and Empowerment” will run through the month of December at the United Nations building in New York.

The exhibit is showcasing culture, art and fashion from Palestine, a tribute to the rich culture of the Palestinian people and the importance of keeping traditions alive. The installation features the authentic dress collection of Palestinian-American Hanan Karaman Munayyer, the visionary art historian behind the Palestinian Heritage Foundation and her now iconic book Traditional Palestinian Costume || Origins and Evolution. Rami Kashou’s inclusion in this prestigious event is a great accolade for the designer, his collection figuratively brushing shoulders with the original designs that inspired him.

During the summer of 2016 while many of us were lounging by the pool, Rami spent two and a half months in the Palestinian West Bank sourcing, researching and building a network of local Palestinian embroiders in Ramallah, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

“I grew up observing ladies wearing the traditional Palestinian embroidered dress “Thoab” and admiring the delicate and artful story telling of embroidery. It’s such a beautiful way to visually document Palestinian history and identity. I have been inspired by this delicate form of art since childhood and have been waiting for the right opportunity to showcase my inspiration and interpretation of it through my own personal style and designer lens ” Says Kashou.

One of Kashou’s designs is an evening dress of sheer nude tulle, a butterfly sleeved masterpiece. The ‘tree of life’ hand embroidery cascading down in a variety of rich colors, making a great option for the most regal of gala dinners.

“I wanted this gown to exude sensuality, femininity and fantasy, I also wanted the embroidery to appear as though it is floating onto a delicate background showcasing its vibrant beauty in a new light.”

The second dress design is a more playful take on a Ramallah traditional stitch and color combination. A dramatic cape-sleeved bodice is embellished with red and green flower embroidery. The asymmetrical skirt reconfirming the theory that Palestinian costume, like culture should have a chance to progress and grow. A difficult task given the many years of political strife in Palestine.

Rami Kashou, a well-established fashion designer is perhaps still known for his staring role in the TV show Runway Project where his designs won him the admiration of a nation, and a second place in the final competition. His made-to-measure contemporary collection of dresses and evening wear offers a much desired level of privacy, personalization and unique designer experience.

As far as ethnic designs and embroidery are concerned, Rami is currently working on a special, broader collection for an exhibit in the USA in 2017 in addition to his e-commerce site which is launching soon. Till then Rami Kashou can be directly contacted through his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Rami Kashou is exhibiting along side other designers including Suzy Tamimi and Jamal Taslaq.