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Natalia Shustova


Legal Director, Fashion Blogger and Fashion Editor



Taking a brief look at Natalia blog immediately begs the question, “where has this woman come from?" and the answer is “lots of places".

Born in Belarus, raised in Siberia and now settled in Dubai. Wife and mother of three, a property lawyer, a successful blogger, fashion editor of The Art of Living Magazine and in the midst of launching her fashion brand Natasha Morcos, Natalia has been exposed to more than many have in a lifetime. And it shows! Her personal style, a melting pot of sophistication, playfulness and unapologetic individuality is arresting, as is evident from her 56K instagram followers.

Taking it all in her stride, Natalia seems to have a lightness of spirit that encompasses her duties, making her undoubtedly heavy schedule somewhat enjoyable. When asked what she does to relax by Savoir Flair, she responds, “ I find partying relaxing. I love listening to music, the beach and daytime parties. I can often be found in Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE."

On some of her favorite things, she claims, “music, sun and high heels." How refreshingly honest and unpretentious. Her online presence,, a quirky play on words, is a declaration of the importance of shoes in her life, with pointed toe stilettos being her current personal favorites.

Instantly recognisable with her luminous creamy complexion, pulled back bun, red lips and mascara, there is a certain practicality and intelligence to her approach to fashion that she undoubtedly shares with her clients and fans. When asked, Shustova states“I plan my outfits in a way where I will look good all day – from 9 to 6 in my office and social events later."

When scrolling through Natalia's instagram account, we can't help but wonder about her well-toned physique, with three children and burgeoning career's', she is clearly doing something right. Having lost 20 kilos on The Dukan diet a few years ago, Natalia is careful with her carbs, with breakfast usually fat-free Greek yoghurt or fat-free Russian cottage cheese with some berries, no protein shake and green juice found here !

As for fitness, no fancy gyms and personal trainers for this matter-of-fact woman, she works out to YouTube videos a number of times a week, her personal favorites being Ballet Beautiful, Tracy Anderson, 5-Factor Fit by Harley Pasternak, and Jillian Michaels.

It would be fair to say that there is no shortage of fashionistas in the region today, but what we are all searching for is a little bit of old fashioned earnestness in the approach to style, which is Natalia's ace. An exuberance and originality that is hard to sense “on paper", We love her in this interview with AhlanLive, armed with a wicked sense of humor and fabulous sense of style, Natalia conquers the red carpet.

Aug 16, 2015