Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, February 25, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Mohammad Samhouri’s X is Found and We Found Him!

What makes someone original? That is the ultimate, multi-million (because seriously what’s a million) dollar question and you won’t find the answer on these pages. What we do know though is that originality is something that runs through the veins of some people and it is reflected in everything they see and do. Mohammad Samhouri is an original and what he has brought to the creative table is something he can proudly call his own. Hopefully inspiring others to follow their true paths also.

Founder of accessories company X is Found. Mohammad is in the business of fashionable, out of the box bow ties and pins. Big, boisterous and beautiful its hard to ignore X is Found’s accessories. A brain candy bow tie anyone? Or perhaps a pin of a woman sporting sunglasses, or wait are those ice cream cones? Tongue in cheek portrays of everyday life which bring a smile to our faces and a skip to our step.

Our favorite product though is the pocket holder, a creation of Mohammad’s that bends the box literally. Instead of a good old-fashioned handkerchief, Samhouri has devised a modern-day u-shaped contraption that sits comfortably in your shirt pocket, with the decorative design poking out.

So…what does the future hold for Mohammad? He’s too original to know! What he is adamant on is charging full steam ahead with new ideas and never before seen concepts. His next collection drops mid March, and remember you read it here first.

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Feb 25, 2018