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Amman, June 19, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Meghan Markle in Oscar de la Renta, What Went Wrong

A lot has been said about Meghan Markle’s Oscar de la Renta dress. Worn to the wedding of Prince Harry’s cousin this weekend, the dress was verbally ripped apart. Setting aside all the, ‘where is her stylist?’ and ‘why is it so big?’ comments, we break the look down technically to truly figure out what went wrong.

The Micro-Floral Trend

At its essence, this season’s micro-floral trend is a rebellious fashion statement. The more you contrast the matronly print and dress style the stronger your fashion power. Void of any styling, the micro-floral print dresses of this season are quite traditional. They are generally midi length, ill-fitting dresses in an old-fashioned print. So the more you can transform it the better.

Meghan mistakenly wore the dress in its traditional form, and when you add the countryside, the white floral fascinator and the white court shoes the look is exactly that, matronly, traditional and unflattering.

meghan markle

Show Some Skin

One of the first ways to counter the traditional nature of the dress is to show some skin. Like a bad girl… These dresses were originally meant to cover up as much as possible, so the first thing to be done is to show skin. The cross-over design of the dress was meant specifically for that. It was meant to create a deep V neckline and a even more daring thigh slit. Instead the Duchess of Sussex spent her time attempting to avoid a serious wardrobe malfunction.

Mismatching Helps

Another way the Duchess could have countered the matronly look was to mismatch the accessories.

The matching fascinator and shoes did not help… It may have been wiser to add a bright red or even mustard yellow to the mix. Style-wise, the Duchess could have opted for less traditional accessories as well. Perhaps a modern T-strap sandal by Gianvito Rossi or a new-age fascinator, a cross between a hat and a headband.. Perhaps creating a sleeker hairstyle could have also worked in her favor. Its odd saying this but, everything matched too well nailing the Laura Ashley look…

Playing the Part

Bottom line, Meghan Markle is American and she should really stick with that. She is a modern Royal so dressing up by British Royal family standards is a mistake. It almost comes across as if she is dressed in costume. One of the best looks on her so far was the form fitting, sharp, off-shoulder Givenchy dress. We felt it was a genuine reflection of who she is as a woman. The Oscar de la Renta dress, similar to the GOAT dress recently worn to Prince Charle’s birthday celebrations doesn’t reflect her personality and it shows…

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Jun 19, 2018