Amman, November 14, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Megan Bids Goodbye To ‘SUITS’ and Gives In To The British Royal Family

The time is here, for all you ‘suits’ addicts out there, there will be wedding bells! Well two of which Megan Markle will be the glorious bride in.. One is her with co-star Patrick J. Adams, the other is another story.. A royal one that is!

It’s official! ’Suits' star and girlfriend of Prince Harry Meghan Markle is officially going to wed this coming Spring.. After the decision to wrap up season 7 of the show ‘Suits’, both Megan and Patrick bid their goodbyes.. Patrick wants to pursue other things and he’s realized his time at Suits has come to an end. The show itself will reportedly be back for at least two more seasons.

Let’s call the Mike and Rachel wedding a ‘rehearsal’ for the upcoming real wedding.. We can't help but wonder at the timing: many are eyeing this December as prime time for Harry to get down on one knee and propose to Markle. After all, they're reportedly "as good as engaged."

Megan is currently in the process of making some life changing decisions that precede a royal wedding. Bidding farewell to her entertainment career, and signing in for the full-time duties that come with being a member of the British royal family, it appears she’s indeed preparing for a future with the prince. She also shut down her lifestyle site, The Tig, earlier this year. Whether or not she’s really ready to make this sacrifice, we believe Meghan—with her utter gracefulness and generous humanitarian work—will fit right in with the royals.

Nov 14, 2017