, July 3, 2018
by Hala Oran

Meet Taleedah Tamer || Saudi Arabia’s First Supermodel

These are extremely exciting times for the Saudis as it seems that the wheels of the times are finally lurching forward after decades of stagnancy. Saudi women were finally allowed to roam the streets of their country on June 24th when the driving ban on women was lifted. Arab Fashion Week was held in Riyadh earlier this year. More and more freedoms are being granted to Saudi women everyday and the latest of these must be the momentous debut of 17-year-old Taleedah Tamer; Saudi’s first supermodel to walk down the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week.

Jeddah born and raised, Taleedah comes from an affluent family where her father chairs Tamer Group; a leading healthcare, pharmaceutical, and beauty company while her Italian mother Cristina was a former model who had previously worked for Giorgio Armani, La Perla, and Gianfranco Ferre. It was clear from the beginning where Taleedah’s footsteps would lead given the inspiration she derived from her own model-mother.

“My mom taught me what’s most important in this industry, and that’s to be kind to everyone, to be professional, to make people feel comfortable and do everything to the best of your ability.”

Hugely inspired by the careers of Giselle Bundchen and Imaan Hammam (a Dutch model with Egyptian and Moroccan roots) Taleedah’s first modelling contract was for Korloff jewellery and Rubaiyat, she just graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and more importantly she opened for Antonio Grimaldi’s Italian Haute Couture brand at Paris Fashion Week yesterday.

Taleedah understands the huge obstacles and challenges she will face embarking on such a career and coming from the most conservative country on earth and being the first to do so. Yet she is undeterred! Hoping to eventually grace the covers of any of the ‘Big 4’ magazines is one of her ambitions though definitely not her only one as her biggest wish is to be able to incorporate CSR into her modelling career. Taleedah is the future personified…. she will fly high by combining her Saudi heritage with her Italian fashion perspective and her gene pool does NOT disappoint …did we mention that her grandmother is Greek!!!

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Jul 3, 2018