, February 13, 2018
by Hala Oran

Meet Sarah; The Talented Local Designer Behind “Sheer Sin”!

Underclothing is probably among the most overlooked item of clothing - given the fact that it’s always under wraps - but possibly the most important. Underclothing falls into many categories and in celebration of Valentine’s Day, today’s article will talk about lingerie, and in specific, we are going to highlight one particular local young talent who decided to venture into this “delicate” arena!

Sarah Smadi or better known by her brand name “Sheer Sin”, is a young Jordanian talent who defied the norm and embarked on a journey of discovery and creation to satisfy her love of “pretty little undies”! Born in Austria and raised between Eisenerz and Amman, we met bubbly Sarah at our offices where we chatted for over an hour. A self-proclaimed color fanatic, Sarah has been residing in Amman for the past 8 years during which she acquired a university degree in management and worked as a sales associate. Sarah, however, aspired for so much more and her break took place by “sheer” coincidence.

“I love buying pretty lingerie for myself” Sarah explained, “You don’t have to be in a relationship in order to indulge your senses” she continued. So it was when Sarah was googling her way through pics of pieces when a small thought fought its way to the surface. “How difficult can it be to actually make these?” Sarah wondered! Turns out very difficult but Sarah was yet to find out. So she started investigating and researching patterns and the rest is history.

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Sarah wanted to learn everything there was to learn about this field so she enrolled at Design Institute Amman to learn basics of fashion design under the renowned Edelina Joyce; who would go on to become Sarah’s trusted mentor. She took courses in general fashion at UAL Dubai and sewing courses at Sama Academy in Amman to be able to fully execute the images in her mind. Her very first piece is a delicate white lace bralette with a fuchsia ribbon running across.

Sarah’s friends are a major source of help and inspiration; “they are my focus group and my biggest supporters”. Sarah’s friends actually alerted her to the fact that most women aren’t wearing the correct bra for their size; thus Sarah decided to further pursue her studies by studying bra measurement. “Every fifth person wears the wrong bra size” Sarah explained! Right now, Sarah’s pieces are made according to standard sizing with selected customisable pieces, but she aims to include customisable sizing for all pieces in the near future.

Turning her parents’ guestroom into a makeshift workshop; things moved fast forward after Sarah was given her first break when designer Reema Dahbour gave her the opportunity to showcase some of her pieces at her holiday collection launch. “It was the exact push I needed, otherwise, given my perfectionist nature I would still be aiming to fine-tune my designs”. These last two months Sarah found herself immersed in finalising all the logistical details involved in creating a brand. She is currently in the process of finalising her first collection (Spring/Summer) which will be launched beginning of May at One Roof Shop at Taj Lifestyle, as well as launching her online store where all items will be delivered. The collection will include bras, panties, silk tops, and shorts, and her plan is to launch a full line to include a signature robe. “The challenge is to balance my vision with people’s needs” Sarah explained. “I just want to make my customers happy and become an expert at what I do” and we have no doubt about that.

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sarah underwear collection
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sarah underwear collection

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Feb 13, 2018