Amman, March 4, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Makeup Readers || For The Lousy-Visioned Makeup Lovers!

For an easier eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara application, we tend to get magnified mirrors as they provide precise details for a successful eye makeup session, but what if you were on the go and cannot access one? With age, many of us start to suffer from short/ long eye-sightedness that will come in the way of perfectly putting on eye makeup! The world of beauty doesn’t know how to quit, makeup readers emerged and are here to stay for many of us! Applying your eye makeup while wearing those glasses is a life saver!

Makeup readers are glasses that are specifically designed for applying makeup! Yes you read that right! If you are one of those who continuously wear glasses that make your eyes shrink to the size of beans, or if you prefer not wearing your contact lenses during, then those holy readers will sharpen your vision as much as they will sharpen your cat-eye!

Designed with a special swivel or flip-down lenses to magnify your vision in one eye, makeup readers make it easy to apply makeup to the other. Eliminate your struggle with these 2 types of makeup readers..

1 || The swivel lens

Those look weird! But they’re worth it, who’s watching anyway? This type of makeup readers have only one lens. It's meant to pivot from one eye to the other. When using this design simply swivel the lens to the eye you are not working on while you apply makeup to the opposite eye. The Carrie readers, which come in five lens strengths and five different colors are our favorite pick! Enjoy a super-precise cat eye..

2 || The flip-down lenses

This design allows you to flip down the lens that is in front of the eye you are working on so you can see perfectly out of the opposite eye until you are ready to switch eyes. The Magnolia readers look almost like normal glasses, both lenses are hinged at the bottom of each oval so they can be flipped down one at a time.

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Mar 4, 2018