Ruby Rose went on a major juice cleanse before her Orange Is the New Black nude scene.

The Australian star has become a major hit with both guys and girls since she made her debut on the prison-based show earlier this year.

She plays inmate Stella Carlin and had to go completely naked in a bathroom scene. Despite rocking an enviable figure, Ruby was nervous about showing off her body.

"I was given three days' notice. I got the script and was just like, 'Oh god.' So I went to SoulCycle and did a juice cleanse for three days," Ruby confessed to Us Weekly.

Ruby has become known for her edgy look, wearing her dark hair in a cropped, quiffed style. She often sports minimal make-up, with her thick brows framing her green eyes to perfection.

She's a big fan of body art too and is covered in tattoos. While she would like to add to her collection, there's one big reason holding her back.

"When I think about getting another one, I remember how much longer I'll be in the make-up chair covering them," she laughed.

Her statement look has led to numerous comparisons with Justin Bieber, but the 29-year-old takes them as a compliment.

Above anything else though, Ruby wants to be known for owning her individual look.

"I think it's important to have your own style," she recently said as part of Maybelline's Make Your Mark campaign.

"There's so many different ways you can express yourself and I think it's important because there's only one of you and no one else can do you better than you."

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