, September 20, 2018
by Hala Oran

Lift Your Face With This 2-Minute Facial Massage

A facial massage that can change the shape of your face? Sounds too good to be true but when you learn that this massage is of Japanese origin perhaps you’d be willing to give it a couple of minutes of your time? Invented by the lead facialist at Koh Gen Do, a Japanese cosmetics brand; this method involves the use of the palms of your hand to give your face a massage that resembles deep-tissue massage for your body. The result is likened to having gotten an instant face-lift and what’s even better is that you do not need to have the magical touch of an esthetician.

This massage is said to relax the stiffness of the head, neck, nerves, muscles, meridians, and lymph nodes. This massage also drains excess fluid in the face and it is the combination of the relaxing and de-puffing that can promote beautiful glowing skin. So grab a moisturiser with firming and plumping properties and get stared. The surface of the palm is used for this kind of massage to deliver a massage that is deep, slow and wide.

The Steps:

#1 The first part focuses on reducing the tension. Moisturiser is applied all over the face. Place your palm between your eyebrows and massage towards the hairline using a circular motion while applying firm pressure.

#2 Take your palms to your temples and massage using circular motion. 20 seconds are adequate.

#3 The de-puffing part is done by placing palms under the cheekbones, and massaging backwards towards the hairline.

#4 When you’re done with the step above, cup your cheekbones and pull firmly upwards for five seconds.

#5 Do the same for your jawline by placing your palms on the sides of the lower part of your face and massaging upwards towards your ears. Cup the sides of your face and pull towards your ears for five seconds.

#6 The same technique should be done on the upper neck by massaging and cupping to drain the lymph nodes.

#7 You can repeat steps 3 through 6 as much as five or six times.

#8 For the last step, place the sides of your index fingers onto the nasolabial fold (the lines running from your nose to the sides of your mouth), and using one fluid motion gently sweep your fingers towards the side of your face. Continue the motion of your fingers from the jawline down to your neck to continue the lymph node drainage.

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