Amman, August 3, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Let’s Get “Together and Apart” With Hiba Jaber

At CIIN, we love talent, and by that we mean exclusive, one of a kind, mesmerising with a-story- behind- to- tell kind of talent.. We introduce to you Jordanian contemporary jewelry designer Hiba Jaber, born in Morocco to Palestinian parents, Hiba Jaber grew up in Jordan and moved to London to attend university, completing a Foundation Degree in Art & Design, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Management at the London College of Fashion. Hiba continued her education through a series of gem cutting courses in Sri Lanka, and completed her studies in jewelry making and design at the Instituto Lorenzo de' Medici in Florence, honing her skills by training with Italian Goldsmiths and international jewelry experts. Talk about multi-cultural experience!

Launched in 2017 and based between Casablanca and Dubai. Her aesthetic could not be more original.. Inspired only by the wearer of her pieces is what labels her as the go to fine jewelry designer for the modern and independent woman who seeks dearly customised pieces with true and unique value... With the 'Duo Rings' as the core of her brand image. The selection includes choice of metal, stone setting, and a wide variety of characters of English & Arabic letters, numbers as well as symbols. Her jewelry line has a story telling essence in them, which makes them attractive conversation pieces.. Each creation is a reflection of a collaborative process between the designer and the wearer and is as unique as the woman who wears it. Online services apply as well..

The main concept behind her designs? ‘Together and Apart’.. Hiba Jaber’s Jewelry often have an element of multi-use or interchangeability. Inspired by her multitude of travels, history and diverse cultures. Created using rhodium and gold plated 800-silver and 18k gold, her pieces are set with precious and semi-precious stones. Once each sketch is complete it is brought to life first through the designer's own experimentation in her workshop and then by highly skilled artisans in Dubai. Expertly handcrafted with a meticulous attention to detail, the pieces are created using traditional jewelry techniques, innovative technologies and cutting-edge technology..

Find Hiba’s jewelry online at www.hibajaber.com and on Instagram @hibajaber_official



Aug 3, 2017