Amman, February 21, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Let’s Extract Our Blackheads With This Surprising Substance!

Blackheads are nasty reminders of the most scary skin condition ever; clogged pores.. And to be quite honest, i have tried so many strips, scrubs, in-office treatments, and DIY extractions, but those almost never seem to be all that straightforward or effective. Until I came across a genius trick to simply annihilate blackheads once and for all. All it takes is one mighty strip of this dried material.. Keep scrolling!

Take a trip down memory lane, remember Elmer’s glue? Yes, we are still digging this fabulous product and not only to satisfy our children’s slime addiction, this time we are going to use it to literally glue off those nasty blackheads once and for all!

A simple fact is; using Elmer's Glue is an easy way to remove clogged pores and blackheads from your skin. Yes, this might have never crossed your mind, ever, but seriously, doesn’t it make sense! Did you know or at least can you visualize spreading a small amount of Elmer's glue on your nose, letting it dry, and peeling it off? By doing so you will be able to remove oil and blackheads in one mighty strip for good..

We got you excited it haven’t we? Just remember one thing, this hack is not recommended for it general or frequent use because the substance isn't made for the facial skin and could paradoxically cause irritation or even clog pores if it's not removed all the way. Some people are also allergic to the glue, so be warned. (For those we recommend The face Shop’s JEJU VOLCANIC LAVA Peel Off Nose Pack).. But, in a pinch when you don't have a Biore strip handy, this can come in handy..

Guess what? Even Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty swears by it!

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Feb 21, 2018