, October 10, 2018
by Hala Oran

Let’s All Hail The Big Logo Totes!

Yup, it is that time of year when you’re itching for a new bag admit it! We are all guilty of being constantly on the lookout for new bags, but whether we act on that impulse or not is totally irrelevant. Social media has become such an effective marketing tool that we can’t help but fall in love with the IT bag of the season when seen on the arms of the mega-famous bloggers and influencers. One bag however, did catch our eyes lately… and no we’re not talking about the Dior Saddle Bag and its big return. We’re not straying that far either….the bags in question are those big tote bags that carry everything in them and the promise of so much more. Check out our selection of the totes most worthy of your investment if you’ve been planning on landing one….

1 || Dior Book Tote

There is no escaping this one is there? Seen on the arms of countless celebs and influencers, this embroidered book bag is the perfect luxurious addition to your handbag collection this season. Inspired by Mexican crafts, this collection boasts motifs and patterns in vibrant as well as classic Dior hues. Each bag requires 32 hours of labour and has over one million two hundred stitches. If you’e lucky to grab one yourself you can even add your name on it!

2 || Fendi Fila Tote

Another hugely popular bag of the same family is the new Fendi Fila tote. Boasting a return to the double F Fendi logo, this is another versatile and extremely stylish tote. Fendi’s homage to the South Korean sports brand Fila was one of the highlights of Milan’s Fashion Week; and it also came in the belt bag version as well. This bag literally screams logo mania.

3 || Gucci

Gucci will never stray far from the game, in fact they have been the game in recent years so to speak. The double G’s are also back and there have been numerous iterations on the Gucci tote.

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