Cara Delevingne


July 22, '15




Lace Ensemble

all images are courtesy of dailymail

We are really loving this lace ensemble, the detail at the neckline, in addition to the black bra is a modern take on the sheer lace top. Imagine how dated it would have appeared if she was wearing a nude bra, or if the top was lined in nude. Moral of the story, no need to walk around with your black bra showing, but DO line it with a contrast color. The cropped solid black pant and basic pumps add elegance and sophistication to this raunchy top. Don't be fooled by the nondescript black waistband on the pants. It “makes" the outfit work. Lace tops can be flimsy, and sit unevenly in the trouser. This waistband holds everything in place beautifully.

Emma Willis

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Jul 23, 2015