, July 12, 2018
by Hala Oran

Kylie Jenner Makes It To Forbes!!

The Kardashians are clearly attempting some sort of image revival what with Kim’s meeting with President Trump recently and before that Kourtney’s meeting with Congress. But NOTHING compares to what their younger sibling have done; gracing the cover of Forbes magazine at 20-years-old we’ve got to give it to Kylie Jenner and say ‘well done girl’.

The magazine’s title says “How 20-year-old Kylie Jenner built a $900 million fortune in less than three years” and the article starts by describing Kylie who was dressed in a black blazer, patent black Louboutins, and tapping a black iPhone X with her glittery silver-painted nails. Kylie was talking about a vending machine for lip kits and where in another world we might have scoffed at the idea, we now know this business mogul might actually know what she’s talking about.

Kylie has been scorned by altering her looks drastically, and her lips especially, at such a young age but the brilliancy of it is that instead of trying to downplay it she did the exact opposite, highlighted her love for fuller lips by launching her mega-selling lip kits which basically earned her the Forbes cover we see today. Kylie Cosmetics launched two years go with her $29 lip kits and she has sold more than $630 million worth of makeup since. Jenner added other makeup items along the way such as eyeshadows and concealers and Forbes has estimated her company at $800 million with Jenner as the sole owner. This makes her “the youngest person on the fourth annual ranking of America’s Richest Self-Made Women”. She will soon become the youngest self-made billionaire ever according to the article!

Believe it or not her whole empire is handled by seven full-time employees and five part-timers only, while the manufacturing and packing is outsourced to Seed Beauty and sales is outsourced to Shopify. Big momma Kris handles the finance and PR in addition to the %10 management cut she takes from all her children. Having over 110 million followers on Instagram and more millions on Snapchat; Kylie credits social media for her success because it provides her with such easy access to her fans and customers. While I keep getting irritated at any mention of the Kardashian-Jenner clan but I must admit that there are definitely some brains behind all that …. you go girls!

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Jul 12, 2018