, November 14, 2018
by Hala Oran

Kylie Jenner Launches New Interactive App!

Kylie Jenner’s empire is showing no signs of slowing down. The multi-million dollar Kylie is getting closer to the billion-dollar mark and in all honesty, despite my scepticism at anything Kardashian related, but we gotta give it to young Kylie… or perhaps to momma Jenner but the ladies sure do have great business minds on them …that or they have excellent business advisors. Kylie is launching a brand-new cosmetics app that will allow her customers to get a first-hand experience of the products prior to being able to make a purchase.

The app’s first goal is to facilitate customer engagement thus enriching their experience and allowing them to personalise it by creating user profiles and being able to track their orders. Users will also have VIP access to deals and bargains that are only available on the app. The app will also provide its users with makeup tips and recommendations in addition to makeup inspiration and much more… and we can easily say that not many makeup apps offer that!

Kylie’s fans are ecstatic at the launch of this app as it can clearly facilitate their lives and actually provide them with tips and tricks to allow them to make the most of Kylie’s products. So wether this app will help in increasing loyalty and thus increasing sales.. we’re keeping our eyes and ears peeled to find out; but we have no doubt that Kylie is on to something here! Everything she touches literally turns itself into gold…. or billions ….

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Nov 14, 2018