Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, December 21, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Killer ‘K’ristmas Sales and How to Save BIG

Christmas sales are no joke, you can get some great deals if you know what to buy and when to buy them. Here’s some good advice to keep in mind as you surf the sales section this weekend.

1 || Aim for Something You Can’t Usually Afford

We are all creatures of habit and tend to stick to the same websites. Take it up a notch this season by visiting luxury websites that you usually don’t shop at. Designer brands are usually heavily discounted simply because most of them have 4 collections a year not 2. They need to move their stock to make room for upcoming collections.

2 || Don’t Buy The Same Old Style

This tip is not to be confused with your staples, if you have got a favorite pair of denim or sports leggings by all means stock up. What we are saying however is that it’s a good time to be adventurous in your choices. Again we are creatures of habit and therefore more likely to order the same styles over and over again.Try something new !

3 || Buy It to Wear It Now

It is truly anti-climactic to buy something that you can’t wear till April. Add to that the fact that fashions change rapidly, so that adorable bohemian top may not look so hot this Spring. Buy what you can wear in the next three months, nothing else matters.

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4 || Don’t Risk It With Shoes

Look around you, how many shoe shops are there ? Almost none, that’s because shop business is risky business. Don’t take risks when ordering shoes on sale, if you know the brand great otherwise don’t order shoes online. There is no such thing as a standard shoe size, just don’t go there.

5 || Don’t Wait

Imagine yourself at Harrods on boxing day… After having stood in line for hours to get in, would you let go of an item you were in love with. Same online, but the people are invisible. If you hesitate you will miss out. That said, you can’t buy everything you want. Put everything you like in your cart and then edit at checkout. Keep in mind during the sales season items won’t stay in your cart if they are purchased by someone else, they just disappear, poufffffff…

6 || Don’t Be Fooled

If a website looks dodgy, it is dodgy… Reputable websites spend a lot of time, effort and money on making their site look fabulous. If it ain’t fabulous looking, it ain’t fabulous honey…

This basically means your items may not arrive on time, or arrive at all. They may not look exactly as described, and worse case scenario, you may not be charged as agreed.

Another thing to remember, if it’s too good to be true, it is.Yeezys of the moment, available in every size, at a reasonable price don’t actually exist.

Dec 21, 2017