Amman, August 14, 2016
by Yasmeen Shawwa

Kendall Jenner’s Vogue Video Everyone’s Talking About!

Vogue’s latest September issue marks Kendall Jenner’s first official cover for the glossy magazine. Sounds normal doesn’t it? What we can’t help but wonder is wouldn’t it have been best to let the cover speak for itself? Or are we supposed to cheer for how -ironically- the ‘curse’ of her reality TV background still lingers and is openly celebrated…Despite Kendall’s strides to earn herself industry respect through an extraordinary two years of work, add to that her insisting on separating the two worlds apart, sadly the original world pops up and never fails to take us back to the good old Kendall days…Knowing Anna Wintour’s witty humor, watch the video below and decide for yourselves!

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Aug 14, 2016