, October 7, 2018
by Hala Oran

Kate Moss’s Daughter Lila Grace Lands Her First Solo Modelling Campaign

It’s like mother like daughter in this line of business…..the modelling kind. Lila Grace Moss, daughter of the legendary Kate Moss has finally decided to emerge from her chosen obscurity into the limelight with a campaign for Marc Jacobs. Lila has been chosen as the new face for Marc Jacobs Beauty in a campaign launched in collaboration with Harvey Nichols in the UK.

Kate Moss’s 16-year-old daughter is the daughter of Jefferson Hack, CEO of Dazed Media and despite having parents who are very much in the public eye, Lila has always been camera-shy. Yet, she was finally coaxed into coming out of her eggshell after being signed into her own mother’s modelling agency and this campaign is her first solo debut.

Apparently it does pay to be a daughter of someone as famous as Kate Moss; Marc Jacobs first met Lila when visiting her mom during a family vacation in Ibiza when Lila was only six. Her beauty and strength of character struck him back then but it was only recently that he encountered her again when she accompanied her mother to a photo shoot that he decided to cast her in his upcoming campaign.

Lila has been described as kind, patient, and composed, and she does in fact combine that youthful look with a certain maturity and wisdom that are hard to come by. Kaia Gerber is another perfect example of a modelling daughter turned phenomenon, because honestly the word model just doesn’t do her justice. Kaia also shot to fame following a beauty campaign by Marc Jacobs….it is clear he knows how to pick ‘em!

In our age and time, it has become increasingly easy for anyone to gain fame and recognition for things they did or did NOT do; Kate Moss admits to regretting to posing topless when she was only 15 years old. There was immense pressure and the competition was fierce Kate Moss explains. Though she will in no way forbid her daughter from going topless if she wanted to but she hopes that in our age and time when you have all the media tools at your disposal; she hopes that girls will have more wisdom and the good sense to pick and choose wisely.

I believe models like Kaia and Lila with their supermodel moms are at an advantage as they have the massive experiences of their moms to refer to, in addition to the fact that probably no brand would dare ask them to pose topless now would they…. Then again I could be mistaken….

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Oct 7, 2018