Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, December 31, 2017
by Suhad Shtayyeh

Jordan’s Fashion Disruptors of 2017 || The Innovators Changing the Fashion Game

We end the year with a list of Jordanian disruptors.Those individuals and businesses that thought outside the box and paved a new way for people in their same line of work.It takes courage and vision to be a disruptor and we raise our hat to these people.

Athlétique Activewear Boutique

Athletique is the little boutique that managed to create a strong presence on social media.An identity that people flock to, whether or not they actually buy sportswear from them.When you ask their followers why they follow Athletique on social media the reasons vary.It could be for the quotes, or the clothing or the tribe.That’s what they have created a tribe…and this is the future of business. No longer can a business survive by only selling their wares, they must bring to the table an authenticity that people are attracted to, creating of their followers micro-influencers that spread the good word on their business.

Duaa Assaf

Duaa is a free-hand illustrator with a line of posters, stationary, mugs and phone covers adorned with her own designs.She was able to bring our culture into her illustrations which made them relevant and appealing.She was able to quench our thirst for Jordanian, high quality, modern illustrations that she then brilliantly converted to products that we could own and be proud of.The fact that she draws women is an added bonus in our male-centric society.

Indigo Denim

Dana and Tala Alfayez are certainly onto something.Their Indigo Denim brand redesigns and restyles preowned denim. Following through on international trends of sustainability, reuse and slow fashion, this small company has gained serious traction since its inception this year.Drawing attention to such important topics in an innovative and friendly way guarantees that they will be effective in influencing the spending habits of the younger generations, no simple feat.

Nafsika Skourti

Nafsika and Stephanie Skourti has spent years working on the Nafsika Skourti brand.It has indeed been a grueling uphill battle to present their small label to the international market.They took the principles of formal brand building and applied it to their company.The aspirations for their company have taken them to Paris Fashion Week for a few seasons already.They have garnered the support of the business community with a fundraising effort that took over a year.Instead of settling for a local market they have aimed high and in the process created a path for others to follow in their footsteps.


Nosouj is a small eco-luxe brand with huge aspirations, their luxurious take on artisana has proved particularly appealing and Nosouj is currently stocked in over 7 boutiques (online and brick and mortar) worldwide.Nosouj was the first Arab accessories brand to be awarded the Butterfly Mark, an international certificate of sustainable fashion.Building on the international interest in the brand, Nosouj was represented at Paris Fashion week in 2017 which again will pave the way for other Jordanian accessories brands in the future.

Shamekh Bluwi

Shamekh is an architect by profession.During the day he runs the lucrative family business.Evenings are for his creativity as a fashion illustrator.What sets Shamekh apart is his glowing talent of course, but also his ability to be current.His close monitoring of fashion events means that he is able to draw things in ‘real time’.They are relevant, they are trending and it is (we are sure) part of the reason why his IG following is over 350K.Oh how easy it is to just draw at one’s leisure.It is another thing entirely to draw what is happening internationally.His work has become an actual documentation of events.When we see an illustration of Shamekh’s on IG that we don’t understand we immediately assume that there is a fashion event that we have missed.That’s how relevant Shamekh is.

Yogiletes and Artmejo

Yogiletes and Artmejo are a crowdsourcing platform, promoting the athletics and art scene locally.A place where yoga, fitness studios and art galleries are able to feature their work.Don’t get us wrong, these Instagram accounts are not the yellow pages of sports and art.They have created communities where people are introduced to new sports and art events and personalities.Once again the key words community, authenticity and relevance come in.In the world of social media today it is not enough to show up, you need to show your true colors and be useful in order to garner a following.

Photo credit : Sara Asad (@eatmovelive) featuring Sara Alamad (@saraalamad)

W Hotel Amman

This hotel hasn’t opened its door yet but it is already creating a buzz.Attempting the W hotel formula in Amman is not the easiest of tasks but they seem to be up to the challenge.W Hotels worldwide have an attitude. They are young, hip and trendy.Each hotel is also steeped in the traditions of the city they are located in.We can’t wait to see how this innovative concept will change the way we see Amman, Jordan.CrossFit on the hotel rooftop anyone ?

Dec 31, 2017