Jewelry Designer Dima Rashid’s Big Magic!

There is something magical about jewelry designer Dima Rashid, I can’t put my finger on it. All I know is that I want to be around her, I want to feed off her beautiful energy, and in the process perhaps pick up a tip or two on how she has survived in the business for so long.

The Palestinian mother of four, Dima Rashid established her eponymous line in 2005. Her pieces are primarily made of precious and semi precious stones set in 18K gold. Her exotic collections a fusion of the ancient setting of her Egyptian studio and the contemporary world she lives in.

Although it is just 11 years, technologically speaking it feels like a century ago. How difficult it is to establish a brand built on a passion, only to find that every time you achieve something, the world changes and you need to recalibrate, over and over again. Starting a business is fun, challenging and exhilarating. Staying in business is truly a feat of great proportions. As the old adage goes, “the survival of the fittest”.


Not only has Dima Jewellery survived it has flourished, a testament to Dima’s talent and ability to adapt. But then again, if there is something that Dima knows it's adapting…

Dima's ability to remain current after so many years in the business intrigues me, people flocking to her year after year. In my mind, she is like a ballerina, delicate yet strong, her strength is in her understanding of herself, like a beacon, it lights the way for her. Her vision is clear and her brand strong.

This strength gives her the flexibility to adapt, how is it that her brand is so classy yet so effortlessly youthful? Intrinsically Arab yet so appealing internationally, as is evident from her long roster of international celebrity clients. Her ability to literally dance from one genre of design to another so seamlessly, it is all gloriously different, yet so fabulously Dima always.

But then again, I told you there was something magical about her…


Dima has loved stones since a very young age, but when do you know that you can turn your love into a viable business venture? Her serendipitous entry into the business of jewelry design is a beautifully inspiring story. On a trip abroad her friend asked her for some beads, Dima literally walked into the bead shop and never left…I wonder if she remembered to pick up those beads for her friend (wink wink) so enthralled was she with the possibilities. And the love affair has survived for over a decade now, out of her quaint Cairo atelier.

Author of Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert writes about how creative ideas literally float around the universe searching for that perfect person to bring them to fruition. She calls this phenomenon, Big Magic. I believe that the business of jewelry design came to Dima in that bead shop, and together they made Big Magic!

When asked about how she continues to grow…

Passion shines through as the consistent element. Dima is enthralled by the beads themselves and the elements used to; in Dima’s words, ‘compose’ the piece. Inspired by the nature that surrounds her, and the various cultural traditions and history that inspire jewelry design. Dima would pick the company of her tray of beads and stones over a night out any day.

It’s interesting how intwined the history of jewelry design is with the empowerment of women over the centuries. Dima designs for the woman that appreciates the elements that have been put into making that piece for her.

One of the greatest surprises to Dima in the business…

The lack of awareness of the true value of the jewelry pieces. People were concerned more with the look of the item than the value and detail in the piece. Her personal mission was to draw attention to the stone and elements used to create the piece.


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