Amman, October 12, 2017
by Khadija Muhaisen Dajani

It Is Time We Stepped Into Our Power || A Must Read!

Adventures of the Soul by Khadija Muhaisen Dajani

The year is 1988. I am 16 years old. My “worst” offence until that point may have been getting an A- in physics. (I was a bookworm. Because nothing was ever easy for me.) I arrive home, wild and rebellious with two second piercings in each ear. The euphoria does not last long. I am anxious about my parents’ reaction to my insurgency. Dread places my heart into my throat. (Sometimes I think it is still there.)

The year is 2015. I am 43 years old, facing the front door of my parents’ home. Married for 19 years. Mother of three extra large girls -in every possible way, with more offences than I can begin to recount. (Theirs include Ds in physics and 4 piercings in each ear). I am quietly rehearsing how to casually cover up my latest, greatest, most mutinous offence to date: my nose ring.

This morning, the eve of the full moon: I am on my yoga mat saluting the sun, trying to ignore my teacher’s reminders to open my eyes. (Rebellion is in my veins now!) I have always disregarded this, preferring to keep my focus internal when it is in fact required to be at different external points in some yoga asana. This focused gaze is referred to as drishti in Sanskrit. I feel safest and calmest when I am in my own little world. It helps me hear my heart beating -from its new home in my throat. But on this morning, the rebel in me chooses to stay home in bed. The humble warrior sleepily makes her way to yoga class instead. So I follow the instructions. As I draw in my first inhale with open eyes focused on the tip of my nose, my nose ring begins to glisten into a clear, round, full silver moon. My very own full moon. At the tip of my nose. The breath I sip in softly fills me up with the soothing, loving, nurturing grace of the divine feminine. And just as delicately, opens the door for me to step into my own.

Yoga speaks of drishti as a point of focus -or sight- to aid in sense withdrawal, “losing” yourself in order to find it. According to yoga philosophy, this is when we can truly see past our conditioning and into deeper levels of the subconscious.

“When you lose yourself, you find the key to paradise”- Zak Brown Band

It is when you access this level of insight that you connect to your centre - your essence or true self. From there on, you operate from a standpoint of steadiness and power. The seemingly impossible becomes effortlessly accessible. Those fancy poses you see and think you can never attain? You drop into them. From a place of precise focus that is anchored in by your breath. This place is unlike any. You don’t only hear your heart beating, you hear every cell in your body pulsating with life. It is magical. In every beat, pulse, and sense. It is a work in progress for me. I am still at the stage of steadying the hand holding the key. This morning, I was given a sneak preview of my paradise.

I had no idea in 2015 why I felt so drawn to get my nose pierced after all those years. (It was slightly embarrassing for my girls to have me be seen at school by their friends. They were waiting for the tattoos and motorbike to drop. They haven’t -yet.) This morning I was handed the answer. That nose ring was my starting line. It was where it all began.

It has been two years. Two years of surrender and trust. And openness. To share. To receive. To be vulnerable. I know that the tears I shed have watered my lawn. This morning, it all lined up for me. I was taken back to the beginning, stronger, softer, with more wrinkles and grey hair than I would have liked, but a larger than life power that I would not trade for the world.

Today, the year is 2017. She reclaims her throne.

“All our paths lead in a circle returning to the point where we began, but with a difference: we’ve found wisdom along the way” - Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior

My nose ring is my badge of honour. The world did not end with my second piercings. My mother’s world did not end with my nose ring either. My world started with it. If I have not bored you yet, allow me one final pitch: we have been called to step into our power. We have no choice. The world is hungry to be soothed, nourished, embraced, and supported. She reclaims her throne.

Khadija Muhaisen is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500). Follow her on Instagram @khadijasayoga and Facebook @Khadija Muhaisen Dajani.

Oct 12, 2017