, February 4, 2018
by Hala Oran

Introducing The Food Therapist || A New Book Investigating Our Complex Relationship With Food

To say that my relationship with food is complicated would be an understatement! Many of us go from extremes of discipline to the other end of the spectrum where we can’t get enough! Having gone through all sorts of diet regimens out there with no luck isn’t it time we looked at this from a different angle? I think it’s high time we understood what is driving some of us to eat the way we do. Internationally acclaimed dietician and nutrition expert Shira Lenchewski, just released her thought provoking book - The Food Therapist - where she encourages people to examine their relationship with food instead of falling prey to deprivation.

“What are you feeding?” my food mentor once asked me and this got me thinking, investigating and researching mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was looking for that root cause of my hunger as it was not just a matter of my stomach demanding more food; it was much more than that! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book as it is considered to be like a one-on-one elongated therapy session. The Food Therapist promises to offer readers the tools necessary to study their relationship with food and to investigate the underling issues that govern this relationship. So the next time you feel like reaching for that second helping of dessert you may be able to pause and think “why do I want more?”

The Food Therapist also promises to deliver tried and tested guidelines to help us strengthen the power of planning, to sharpen our weakening will-power, and to tune in to our hunger and satiety signals, among other techniques.To further help us stick to our goals, Lenchewski offers easy and delicious recipes that can help us overcome our cravings and rebalance our hormones.

Shira Lenchewski completed her master’s degree in clinical nutrition at New York University and her dietetic training at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. She has been featured in various magazines and she is the resident nutritionist at goop. I seriously hope that this book can bring us a step closer to understanding ourselves and unravelling the mystery that is our love-hate relationship with food.

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Feb 4, 2018