, January 24, 2018
by Hala Oran

Introducing “Koshtban” A Local Gem of A Talent

Meet Haneen; the pretty soft spoken young lady with massive amounts of talent; the driving force behind the new line Koshtban! A law graduate finding herself not satisfied with what’s on offer in the market, Haneen started experimenting with design just to fulfil a personal need for style, elegance and individuality.

A chance encounter with an old classmate was all it took Haneen to embark on her creative journey! Haneen used to design dresses for her Barbie dolls as a child and used to share those with her friends. This friend never forgot Haneen’s talents and she asked her about her designs years later. That’s when Haneen started experimenting. Haneen’s designs caught the eyes of her friends and family and upon encouragement she decided to take her designs further and what better way to do that than to participate with Hands Exhibitions as “Haneen Yousef Designs” in the years 2013/14.

Haneen’s talent and drive are forces to be reckoned with and despite married life, children, as well continuing with her law degree but there was no stopping her now!! Another chance encounter would change her direction and this time it was with Kifah, a 32 year-old blind woman whose strength and determination inspired Haneen to learn more about their world and how they communicated with the rest of us. And thus Haneen decided to incorporate elements of the Braille language in her designs. She even acquired the copyright to use the Braille language in her designs from the Jordanian National Library.

Koshtban’s participation in Amman Design Week’s Crafts District under Heba’s Closet is momentous; as she feels this participation opened up new and exciting opportunities for her. “I couldn’t bear to part with my pieces” laughs Haneen as she explained how people fell in love with her creations.

An early riser, Haneen achieves so much in the early hours of the morning and she also believes that in order to keep going she cannot stop at every obstacle in her way. Her 2016 participation in Zain AlMubadara marks a very important milestone for Koshtban as she won the “Designer Award”.

Koshtban’s pieces are singular and exclusive “no two pieces are the same”. Haneen prides herself on her local resources and on her support for the blind which she feels she will continue to do. Her pieces range from blazers with intricate baroque-style stitching to dresses and clutches adorned with studs featuring the word البصيرة in Braille language. Other pieces feature exquisite paintings done by local artist Miramar. Her work will soon be in Dubai as well, and you can view and order her collection through her Instagram page.

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Jan 24, 2018