, December 17, 2017
by Hala Oran

I Is For Intifada and P Will Always Be For Palestine… Is A Children’s Book!!!!

P Is for Palestine is a little book with a powerful message to the children of our world to teach them about love, roots, and belonging through simple alphabets. Inspired by the Palestinian’s people rich history and plight, this little alphabet book will tell the story of Palestine to children in an educational, colourful, and empowering way.

The book sparked immense global outrage on all levels, and it seems that publishers fear selling it due to receiving threats from various organisations condemning the book. The author of this book, Dr. Golbarg Bashi, was accused of inciting violence by indoctrinating children with anti-Israel messages, and glorifying the Intifada.

Dr. Golbarg Bashi, is a Swedish-Iranian professor of Iranian Studies at Rutgers University. Dr. Bashi felt the need to create this book when she couldn’t find such a book for her own children, and she felt that children all around the world are being fed misleading information about Palestine and the Palestinian Cause. So she took a course on how to write children’s books with Peter Catalonotto prior to embarking on her writing journey.When Dr. Bashi approached world acclaimed illustrator Golrokh Nafisi, to help with the production of this book, it was an immediate and resounding yes, and this is how “I is for Palestine” was born.

Dr. Bashi is also a toy-maker, a visual artist, and a storyteller, she acquired the assistance of typographer Kourosh Beigpour to make educational toys in Arabic and Persian. As a result, she was shortlisted for the Designer/Inventor category at the Women In Toys Wonder Woman Awards.

The little alphabet book was sold out within days of its launch in November, a second print is underway with the expected delivery not before Spring 2018.

Dec 17, 2017