, December 13, 2017
by Hala Oran

“I Have Enough Shoes” Said No Woman Ever!! And So We Introduce.. Ptylo Babouche

This time it is an Ottoman inspired babouche that is so in sync with the slides’ trend that is not showing any signs of slowing down. Ptylo Babouche is the result of the partnership between two fabulously creative ladies, Sana Faham and Rima Abu Shahin, and they were launched under the company name of Bo Factor.

Having lived in Turkey for the past 22 years it is needless to say that Rima has been hugely inspired and influenced by the Ottoman history and culture. Rima felt that now is the right time to embrace ancient designs and transform them into lavish pieces that are intricately designed, full of life and so on trend. And this is how Ptylo Babouche was born.

Sana Faham, the other half of the dynamic duo, is a Lebanese living between Dubai, Beirut, and the US. Sana and Rima met in Beirut where for their first meeting, Rima - due to her crippling claustrophobia - had to climb 16 flights of stairs to Sana’s apartment that offered gorgeous views of Beirut.

Ptylo Babouche slippers are sold at Bo Factor Boutique where Rima partnered with Nilgun Hamati, and with the sale of each babouche a donation of $3 will go to the Turkish Cancer Society. Ptylo Babouche were also launched in Dubai during Dubai Design Week in collaboration with O Concept Store, and soon they will also be available at Urbanist Store Dubai.

Dec 13, 2017