Bouchra Jarrar doesn't understand why she should send dresses to actresses for free when the stars can buy them.

The designer has an impressive CV having worked for the likes of Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga and Christian Lacroix. Five years ago she set up her own label which concentrates on couture daywear at the moment, but will be expanding into eveningwear soon.

Bouchra has always had a set idea about what she wants to achieve in the business, which is why hounding the A-list to wear her pieces isn't of interest.

“It's not reality; it's not real life. But I know it's important for my brand. What I don't like in this system," she told WWD. “I get calls from stylists. If I don't meet the actress, it doesn't interest me... I know I'm part of a system and the system works like that. Nowadays everything is bought, the actress is bought, so why should my clothes be sent? I am sorry, but I say it like it is. Why should I pay for transportation costs?"

The designer grew up in Cannes during the 70s and this could be part of the reason why she is not fazed by celebrities. While her sister would chase them down the street asking for autographs, she couldn't understand why that was of any importance.

This has followed her in her career, with Bouchra much more excited by the idea of dressing everyday women.

She has big plans for the future and is hoping to expand, so investment is also on the cards. The designer won't rush that though, as she wants to retain a degree of independence so she can do exactly what she wants with her fashion house – and that means admitting her mistakes.

“I feel like erasing that episode," she said of a bag she once designed.

“Because the house was not at all ready. Before I release a line of bags, I'm going to spend time. But if I don't have the marketing plan for what I am preparing, it's not worth my wasting time. There was no marketing plan, so I prefer to erase it and start again."

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