Amman, October 11, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

How To Warm Up Your Current Hair Color For Winter || Let The Shade Suit The Season

Just like the excitement of the latest fall trends of fashion, same goes for hair.. The beauty of the 2017 fall hair trends is that they do not propose a major change, so whether you have blonde, red, brown or black hair, according to hair colorists, it’s all about going for a warmer, richer tone using glosses this Fall. Below we tell you what shades to go for and how to get them for every hair color..

1 || If Your Hair Color Is Multidimensional Blonde;

Have your colourist use a gloss to create lowlights or depth. You have to go for a golden gloss to turn brighter and medium blondes a tiny bit more golden..

2 || If Your Hair Color Is A Cool Platinum;

Go to a flesh-toned blonde shade.. It’s a smooth transition for a warmer Fall tone without losing the platinum blonde statement..

3 || If You’re A Light Brunette;

For a subtle change for Fall, go a bit deeper with choosing the perfect chocolate brown hue.

4 || If You’re Super Duper Yellow blonde;

A great way to add warmth and shine to your hair is to add a little bit of deep pink into the mix.. As a little dusty rose can complement your skin tone and enhance your blonde attention..

5 || If You’re A Dark Blonde;

Without thinking twice, just go for a champagne reddish shade. it’s easily done and the damage is very minimal..

6 || If You’re A Bold Brunette;

Bold brunette means chocolate brown hair.. Believe it or not that by adding rich golden-brown strands it will give a fresh twist on brunettes..

7 || If You’re A Deep Brown;

Add some reddish, just a little, go for a shade that’s dark brown with hints of deep auburn.

8 || If You’re A Fan of Red; Because Sometimes We Are!

Go for a pop of color on your head with a rich red shade..This will brighten up things, to get it right you need to add warm cinnamon tones to your hair!

9 || If You Have Black Hair;

All-black is quite a statement, but this winter warm things up a bit and add a subtle shade of inky blue.. It’s an absolutely cool change to your look!

Oct 11, 2017