Amman, October 8, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

How To Unclog Congested Pores For Good

When it comes to pores, most women agree on one thing, we hate them! Imagine those pores are clogged, congested, milia-infested and even worse, with protruding blackheads that are simply the bane of existence for almost everyone.. So many of you want to know how to get rid of any form of clogged pores once and for all.. Or at least maintain some sort of beauty routine that will guarantee those clogged pores never showing up again!

However, it is important to know your pores will only benefit from our deep cleaning tips if the case appears to be the following;

#1 You have blackheads that appear as raised bumps with an open black-ish center. Meaning that they’re not flush or flat with the skin.

#2 You have clogged pores and congestion. Known as closed comedones, those can appear anywhere on the face, however mostly found around the mouth, chin and jawline area. Closed comedones are leftovers from old breakouts. They are bumpy and don’t have an open pore in the middle with a blackhead but are a closed, raised bump.

#3 You have milia. These are tiny bumps, mostly around the eye area, that appear as tiny white balls of hardened oil.

Bottom line, anything that is raised and protruding from the skin’s surface, or cannot be concealed with foundation makeup no matter how much you try is our target case here.. Large open pores are the exact opposite of what we are dealing with, why? That is because those are indent into the skin. Clogged pores that make bumps will remain as bumps until you remove the blockage in the pores that is causing them in the first place. Remember, smooth skin can only be achieved once your pores are clean..

You may NOT want to go through the effort of cleaning your pores if the case was the following…

You have flat blackheads that do not protrude from the skin’s surface. In this case, your only bet is to ignore them.. Their non-protruding nature will not make them noticeable.. Just by applying a little amount of foundation or concealer will make them disappear. So save yourself the hassle..

How To Get Your Pores Clean

1 || Manual Extractions

You may need to get this done every two weeks for a while until you can get ahead of them.You can do them yourself or find a trusted esthetician who can remove them for you. This is the very best place to start because as much as skincare companies want you to believe, products will NOT remove them. Nor will a sonic cleansing brush like Clarisonic or any pore clearing strip. When there is a blockage of hardened oil that is impacted deep in the pore, it must be gently extracted out.

2 || Pore-Clearing Products

Now that you’re done with extraction, prevention comes after, you need to to use an ingredient that can penetrate into the pore lining to keep pores clean. Salicylic acid is excellent for doing this because it’s an oil-soluble and famous for its ability to help clear out impurities. For best results, use salicylic acid in ‘leave-on’ products such as serums, acid toners, masks and peels..

What makes these products exceptional is that they offer additional benefits such as lifting away discoloration and making pores look smaller. Because of this, you can use them all over the face, not just on clogged areas.

PRO TIP? You NEVER want to dry out clogged pore. If you do, the dead skin cell buildup caused from doing so will further impact them in the pore.

3 || Long-Term Use Of Topical Vitamin A

Doing so religiously can and will help make pores smaller, it can actually shrink the pores and get them to appear smaller. This, in turn, will make clogged pores and blackheads have less room in the pore lining to fill up. Incorporating a prescription retinoid will give you the fastest results but you will experience side effects like dryness and peeling. A gentler version of retinol can be a good place to start.

Keeping pores clear and free of debris takes work. If you’ve been trying everything and nothing has worked, please start by getting the pores cleaned out first. It’s truly the best way to get results.

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