Amman, June 25, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

How To Prevent Acne Spots From Scarring || What You’re Doing Wrong

Acne spots appearing suddenly and un-invited is one thing we can take, however, thinking that getting them treated in a scar-less resulting manner is a challenge.. Without any doubt, we all have the right spot-on-treatment for acne mishaps, but the way we use them might not be in sync with our desire to have a blemish-free scar-less outcome! The way most people use their spot treatments is actually making a blemish stick around longer. This leads to a prolonged recovery time. What wrong are you doing?

#1 Do You Really Know What Your Blemish Needs To Heal Itself?

Oftentimes blemishes are painful and red, that’s because they are infections that need to be healed.. Healing comes in the form of puss excretion, it is your God-given skin’s natural way of healing itself. Without the infection physically coming out to the surface of the skin the blemish simply won’t go away.. So your target should always be physically expelling it out..

#2 When The First Thing That Naturally Comes To Your Mind Is In Fact Wrong!

When a spot treatment is applied the moment acne appears, it is a direct invitation to a slow down approach of getting rid of a blemish.. All that comes to your mind is the urge to dry it out, however, this act always backfires, remember that the infection WANTS to come out, so If you dry it out on the surface with a spot treatment, you’re creating dead, flaky cells, which stops it from coming out. The result is simply trapping an unwanted infection underneath your skin surface.. That’s why your blemishes are taking longer to heal… Which will result in the dark discolored scars you usually end up with.

What to do? Surrender, for a while that is- and leave it alone the moment it appears, meaning, refrain from applying a drying spot treatment to get rid of it faster. Another thing you can do if you must is using a NON-DRYING acne spot treatment during the first 3 days to facilitate the healing without drying out the skin’s surface.

#3 Spot Treatment Timing During Your Skincare Routine

Treating your blemishes should come last in your skincare routine.. You must perform your normal nighttime skincare routine - cleansing, masking, toning, applying a serum and followed with moisturizer and eye cream- after this you give your blemishes the attention they deserve, go ahead and dampen a cotton swab or tissue with water and wipe the blemished area to remove the skincare products that were just applied..


Now is the perfect time to apply the acne spot treatment and let it dry! After that you might be left with a discolored scar, that’s when you need to use fading gels.

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Jun 25, 2018