Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, September 16, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

How to Nail the Bustier-Over-Shirt Trend

As the season gets chillier expect to see more of the bustier over top trend. Perhaps even see yourself in it…. All summer long layering has proven to be a popular trend, and the bustier over top seems to be the trendiest of them all. First there was the corset trend, then the ill-fated bra over t-shirt trend, only for things to finally settle with the bustier over top trend. So how do we nail this interesting fashion choice?

1 || Instead of a Crop Top

Well the first way in which this concept can be wore is as you would a crop top, only with something underneath. In this case, the most interesting element is the crop, so keeping the top underneath to a basic is advisable. Try wearing a turtleneck or chiffon/ cotton bodysuit, allowing the bustier to do all the talking.

2 || Drama

A lot of times this look serves a dramatic purpose. You’ve probably seen the print bustiers with side bustle matched to a white shirt. This is indeed quite OTT but is quite striking when done right. The first element to deal with is the volume of the shirt. It needs to have enough body to compete with the loud bustier, otherwise it will appear insignificant and possibly even cheap looking.

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3 || The Vest

With Fall on our doorsteps, leather and other textured fabrics such as tweed will resurface. Wearing a vest-like version in one of these materials will add punch to your outfit. The look itself will appear more school girl and less show girl, which is actually a good thing…

4 || When It’s About The Shirt

At times you can give new life to a great shirt with a masculine, vest-like bustier. The purpose in these cases is to highlight the sleeves, lapel and even color of your favorite shirt. Have a little fun with this trend, and let the shirt hang out in places, adding volume and texture.

5 || The Bra

Finally, when you just want to wear your bra on the outside. This is ok when the shape of the bustier is pretty enough to carry the look all on its own. Match to a basic white shirt for a look that say, “yep, I am indeed wearing a bra on the outside.”

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