Amman, November 23, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

How To Love The Foods That You Hate But Have To Eat?

As we get older and wiser, (I personally prefer aging gracefully and wiser) we tend to be more tolerantwith the foods we used to label as ‘forever hated’.. Naturally, the foods we tend to steer away from are the ones that don’t indulge our taste buds; sugar free, low carb, high fiber, antioxidants and anything in a raw state.. Yep, no pleasure in there! The thing is, those foods are particularly very beneficial and getting wiser only calls for incorporating them in your diet regimen.. Let alone the chance of getting seriously obsessed with what you just dislike, all because you crave for the results!

The problem lies with trying to get in on the healthy eating game is that while it looks like fun and games from afar, it's a completely different story when you're up close and personal. You cannot cheat on your feelings can you? Those Brussels sprouts stand as repulsive to many, quinoa and kale are foods that are not that tempting to all as well! They do look like heaven on a plate, especially when combined with the peachy salmon fillet on the side, but in reality, they taste like you’d rather go hungry..

But why would anyone bother trying to love something they hate, you ask? Today we want to be health advocates and our aim is to convince you that it is very possible indeed to turn healthy eating from a miserable experience to a pleasurable one! How to love foods that you cannot stand…? Check out our advice below…

1 || The Smell & Texture

The smell of certain health foods are usually a big turn off to many, why? Because the smell makes up a lot of our taste. The trick is to become accustom to the smell, then get used to the texture and look of it and once that is taken care of the taste won't seem so bad.

2 || The ’10’ Times Rule

Familiarize yourself with that healthy ‘hated’ food.. Make (or buy) yourself the meal every few days to a week and try a little bit each time. With each time, your senses will become more familiar with the smell and look. As time goes on, that familiarity will make it easier to eat, and even if the taste isn't desirable at that point keep pursuing it. Around the tenth try it should become more palatable.

3 || Up The Game From Plain To Savory

A major reason for people who hate the taste of healthy options is that they don’t get creative with ways of cooking them.. No one can live on plain egg white omelettes, broiled chicken breasts and lettuce leaves without going crazy. Incorporate some amazing flavor combinations that don't involve sugar and artificial flavourings, by doing so you just have to go into the kitchen and start mixing things up to discover what you enjoy. Stock up on fresh herbs, spices and and natural fats, as these are packed with flavor and really help transform bland meals into quite tasteful ones..

4 || Finally, Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Don't undergo a major overhaul in one go! This will shock your system and leave you miserably deprived..Trying to get rid of or cut down on things in one fell swoop will most likely become a failing attempt.. They say it takes 21 days to make and break a habit so take it 3 weeks at a time. Ditch the bad foods and switch to healthy ones within that time frame and you should be fine..

Now are you ready to love what you hated???

Nov 23, 2017