Suhad Shtayyeh
Amman, April 12, 2018
by Suhad Shtayyeh

How to Get Longer Legs || 6 Stylist’s Magic Tricks

Who doesn’t want longer legs? Not only do we feel taller and therefore more attractive, but longer legs also make us feel thinner. Unfortunately longer legs are not up for sale, so we will need to use some magic tricks to create illusions of added length…Read on.

Seeing Lines

Long vertical lines go ‘a long way’ in creating length in your legs. Try narrow, vertical stripes in a contrasting combination for some added length.

Cut It in Half

When you cut something in half, the two pieces tend to look smaller than the whole. That’s why we love pants with a line down the front so much. Whether the line is an elaborate stitch all the way down the front or just an ironing doesn’t matter, cut your pant leg in half down the front and watch the magic.

Tuxedo Stripes

Staying with the idea of cutting things up to appear thinner and thus longer. Another great way to elongate your legs is to wear a fitted pant with tuxedo stripes down the side. These will reduce the amount of fabric that the eye sees in the front, thus giving the illusion of thinner legs.

Wear them Longer or Shorter

If you wear your pants an inch and a half shorter (as in an ankle crop) or a floor-skimming (inch and a half longer) full leg pant you will give your legs an extra, you guessed it, inch and a half or so in the illusion of length.

Pointy versus Round Toe

You will always appear to have more length when wearing pointy toed shoes. Simply the eye goes on for longer, so creating the illusion of length.

The Color of Your Bottoms and Your Shoes

Sticking to the above principle of the eye lingering for longer without obstruction, we recommend you wear a skirt or pant closer to the color of your skin or tights. This creates the illusion of length because there is less contrast between the skin and fabric, so again the eye lingers for longer.

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