Amman, January 9, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

How To Embrace Bold Floral Prints without Looking Like Your Granny!

So you go on a therapeutic shopping session, to find yourself surrounded by a gazillion display of bold prints and vintage looking florals, most of us just end up quite perplexed! ‘How can I pull that border-line-granny look-off’ ?

Well we are here to tell you; take a deep breath because you can do it!!! Below we offer you a few great tips on how to up the prints game and incorporate it in the coolest way ever! Bring out that hidden trendy fashionista in you and go crazy!

1 || Make It Your Sole Hero Piece!

Don’t go crazy with other floral or striped options, focus on that printed overcoat, or dress and make it your hero piece, easy on the accessories, although chunky metallic earrings or necklaces can boost your look!

2 || Make A Graphic Statement

This is when you only pair your printed piece with blacks and whites, this way it will pop out and the contrast you will create won’t be much of a burden to the eyes!

3 || Dilute The intensity Of Your Chosen Print

How? Stick to the background hue of your printed piece and follow suit with the rest of your outfit, this way you and the viewers won’t get dizzied by the many base colors you chose and will steer the eye to focus on the beauty of you chosen floral.. If you are a bit more daring, you can pick up an intense color of your printed item and just throw it on top and make a statement!

4 || Pastels Will Match Beautifully

When in doubt, go for your basic pastel colors items, a beige jacket or blazer will look great on top of a busy dress, simultaneously, a silk pastel slip will look super sexy and feminine underneath a more textured printed overcoat!

5 || Don A Gypsy Hairdo

Just to add an element of cool, go for a messy updo or a milkmaid braid, a hat or you can even tie on a head scarf!This way your printed piece will make you look younger and hippie-er !

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Jan 9, 2018