, September 24, 2018
by Hala Oran

How To Choose Eye Shadow Palettes Based On Your Eye Color!

During the last few years we have witnessed a revolution in the world of eye shadows …yes we can easily call it that. Beauty brands were racing to launch THE palette of the season and the result was an overwhelming number of must-have eye shadow palettes and we simply couldn’t resist. I bet you have collected a massive number of palettes but I also bet that you keep coming back to the same handful of shades… So the next time you feel tempted to add the latest launch to your collection why not pause a little and learn to buy according to your eye color.

Yes, it is not your imagination …certain colors do make your eyes pop and sparkle….so read below to get acquainted with the best eye shadow palettes for your eyes only. Two things to keep in mind before you go shopping for your next palette; first make sure it includes most of the shades you want, and second of all aim to find a palette that combines different shadow formulas, such as matte, shimmery, glittery and metallic. Happy shopping!

Brown Eyes

Jewel-tone shades will make brown eyes pop, and you can never go wrong with a few neutrals for everyday if you can manage to find them all in one palette, such as Becca’s Volcano Goddess. It Cosmetics eye shadow palette below includes one pearly shade that can transform all the matte shades into shimmer …double the fun.

Green Eyes

Shades of purple or golden orange work best with green eyes. When you’re blessed with green eyes sometimes a whisper of color is all you need; blending purple into your crease will have a big effect.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel or honey-colored eyes look their best when paired with neutral tones. Yet, you are blessed with the fact that ALL other shades look great on you; pinks, reds, blues, and also greens.

Blue Eyes

Eye shadows in shades of pink, gold and red tones really complement blue eyes. The trending pinky-red tones we are seeing everywhere lately work like a dream.

Grey Eyes

Grey eyes can benefit from eyeshadows with orange coppery tints. Shades of salmon, peach, and neutral brown look great on grey eyes. You can also go the other direction and stick to shades of blue and grey to add depth and enhance your color.

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Sep 24, 2018