Amman, January 3, 2018
by Yasmeen Shawwa

How To Beat Hormonal Skin Changes || In Your 30’s

Just when you thought you were officially done with those nasty 20’s breakouts, you find yourself suddenly consumed with a totally different kind of acne and other skin changes, those caused by intrinsic aging, which is mainly determined by your genetic programming that controls the hormones responsible for aging. The fact that your growth hormones decrease and the stress hormones increase will lead you to discover that the skin you once knew very well is starting to behave differently! Well, that’s a sign that you as well should react differently in order to deal with your complexion changes..

How to deal with your skin changes between the ages of 30-40?

1 || Beauty Sleep is Not A Myth…

There are really convincing reasons for you to consider the quality of sleep you are getting daily..Collagen production is accelerated during snooze time, as well as the stimulation of cells and tissue as a result of the growth hormones peaking during the deepest stage of rest.. So go for it, guilt free please!

2 || Be Smart and De-Stress

During our thirties, we reach the epitome of stress levels and here’s why, you are either a young mother or still in the process of having children, the pressure to maintain a perfect image and be on top of things causes increases in the levels of the stress hormone - cortisol.. The result is two things, a break down of collagen and inflammation.. The type of acne and breakouts you end up getting are much different than the type you used to get in your 20’s, you will notice that your breakouts are taking the form of inflamed, puss filled papule instead of whiteheads, cysts or blackheads.. Find the time to de-stress which ever way you enjoy and it will all reflect on your complexion!

3 || Add Natural Skin Brightener to Your Beauty Formula

Pregnancy leaves many of us with an aftermath of brown spots and pigmentation.. Very frustrating as it mostly appears as dark patches over the lips , on the forehead and cheeks.. This is due to the increase of estrogen which turns on melanin pigment production. Your best defense for preventing pigmentation is to start using a natural skin lightener every day under your sunscreen. Products that include vitamins C & E.. They are your best bet when applied under your daily sunscreen!

4 || We’ve Got The Routine Ready For You!

Your aim should be maintaining a healthy and balanced daily routine that won’t add excess oil.. Especially if you are still experiencing oil production and breakouts, always choose lightweight serums and moisturizers, go for sulfate-free cleansers and pleaselearn the difference between dry and dehydrated skin!

5 || Spot treat Your Acne Breakouts According To Their type

Not all breakouts are equal, the same goes for acne treatments, if you experience deep, painful cystic bumps, applying a traditional drying spot treatment will only leave the surface of the skin a flaky, dry mess while leaving the active bump underneath. It’s so important that you understand there is a life cycle to each type of blemish. The way you address it will speed up its life cycle and rid you of it faster..

6 || Check Out Your Birth Control Pills Regimen

We hear it all the time.. Birth control pills affect different complexions in different ways, you could be blessed with their hormonal effect and improve your skin while others might face problems.. Always consult your gynocologist and consider going on, going off or adjusting your birth control pills if breakouts are occurring often.

7 || Cut Back on High Sugary Carbs Especially Before your monthly cycle

Like we need another reason to cut on sugar! Well this on his worth it! Start limittingsugary carbohydrate foods in your diet. Those sugary carbs so many young women crave during their period may be the very thing causing the breakout to occur. They can cause a prolonged increase in insulin levels and increase acne. Try cutting back on the carbs, especially prior to your monthly cycle, and you may find you’ll experience fewer blemishes.

8 || Cystic Breakouts Might Be caused By Dairy Intake

Hard, painful cystic bumps can appear on the chin and jawline area. Consider eliminating all dairy for three weeks to determine if this is the cause of your cystic breakout activity.

9 || Are You Still Going to Bed With Your Makeup On??

Like, seriously…?

10 || Are You Familiar With Salicylic Acid?

Because the breakouts you are dealing with are occassional, don’t go for products that are overly drying and you don’t want every product in your routine to be exclusively for acne when your skin has other needs, too. The best way to do this is to just use a few effective, acne-focused products and the best ingredient to look for is salicylic acid.

11 || Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day!

You have to get yourself familiar with incidental exposure. That is when you don’t think you’re getting sun because you aren’t out there long enough to actually get a tan. Driving in the car and walking down the street on a cloudy day is still very damaging to your skin. Just because you don’t purposely seek out a tan doesn’t mean you’re not getting the sun’s harmful rays. On days that are spent indoors, you’re still getting the damaging rays coming through windows in the form of daylight. Wear a sunscreen built into your moisturizer, applied to both your face and neck, every day, 365 days a year, rain or shine, inside or out. It’s the easiest and most effective way to slow down how quickly your skin will visibly age. I recommend Daily Protection SPF 30 for those in their 30s since it’s very lightweight and will not clog the pores.

12 || Finally, Consult With an Endocrinologist

For a deeper dive into your hormone-related concerns.This is a special kind of physician who specializes in hormonal issues. Aside from changes in your skin, it’s normal in your 30s to have other disruptions. An endocrinologist can run all sorts of tests to provide specialized help for those who have constant hormone fluctuations.

Jan 3, 2018