Amman, September 17, 2017
by Yasmeen Shawwa

How To Beat Fall Allergy’s Mishaps || 10 Life-Saving Tips

Fall is upon us! I have always been a huge fan of seasonal change.. It somehow represents a kind of rebirth, a fresh beginning, body and soul turnovers, this transition definitely stirs something up in a good way and brings life back to everything.. Unluckily, many people face undesired allergies with this delightful change that are the birth child of Fall... Are you one of those victims? Do you find yourself sneezing up your lungs, reaching out for tissues to handle the flood of tears every two seconds, do you scratch your skin repeatedly ending up with a red and flaky complexion ? Bottom line, your looks suffer when you’re completely consumed with Fall allergies.. CIIN has got good news for you, wearing makeup will no longer be a challenge, below are 10 quick and smart fixer uppers that will save your allergy trauma!

1 || Choose Yellow-Tinted Color Correctors

The excess ragweed pollen in the air may cause your complexion to get a little uneven, that’s when you need to go for a tinted primer or concealer. Why yellow? Because this tint neutralizes the red in the skin, no one will be able to tell your allergies are flaring up. Swipe and forget!

2 || Use Hydrating Skin Products

You might think that adding moisturiser to your already puffy face will only add insult to injury, not true..Keeping your skin hydrated can actually help with the issue and using a gentle cream will soothe the skin. For eye puffiness, try a moisture-rich eye mask. As for dry, flaky skin opt for a cream-based exfoliant as you need to slough away the dead skin cells.

3 || Go Waterproof For Eye Makeup

If you’re an eyeliner junkie, you might find it hard to ditch the whole eye makeup issue during allergy season, so to be able to survive it, take the minimal route, and waterproof everything. Chantecaille's 24 Hour Waterproof Liner won't budge no matter how many times you find yourself rubbing your eyes, and a waterproof mascara like the DiorShow Iconic Overcurl is your best bet.

4 || Cool-Toned Lipsticks

Because red and orange hues can bring out ruddiness in your skin, we recommend opting for a blue or purple-based lipstick to minimize the effect. Jump on the berry lip trend..

5 || Eye Drops Are A No Brainer!

Always make sure to keep some eye drops handy if your eyes get a little red and dry throughout the day. Visine's Maximum Redness Relief drops and Naphcon-A are the best two.

6 || Cool Down and Conceal Eyes

Allergies often cause leaks in capillary beds, which leads to swelling of the skin. This puffiness becomes particularly noticeable in the thin, sensitive skin surrounding your eyes. To soothe puffiness, place metal spoons in the fridge to cool before placing them on your closed eyelids for a DIY cure. (Frozen cucumber slices will also get the job done.)

7 || Treat While You Sleep

All the nasty sneezing, running and congestion that come with allergy season mean your nose takes a real beating. To combat the resulting painful, peeling skin and redness, it's all about hydrating while you sleep. Argan oil balm on your nose at night seeps in while you sleep preparing your skin to being free of flakes and concealer- ready. Use a green concealer to combat redness, then blot a flesh-tone concealer over it to blend.

8 || Dip To Relieve Itching

Itching and scratching the skin is another horror story of allergy season.. Plant pollen floating in the air causes your body to release itch-inducing chemicals called histamines. The result? Inflammation gets worse, and your skin redder. CIIN gives you a tip for your showering routine. Pour one cup of baking soda into a lukewarm bath and soak for 30 to 60 minutes to sooth itchy skin. Switch it up with shorter 15-minute soaks with one to two cups of colloidal oatmeal and you should be back to your natural skin tone momentarily.

9 || If All Failed Go Bold!

One of the best ways to combat allergy face is to draw attention away from problem areas. Create a diversion with a bold, statement lip or maybe an amazing hairstyle will just do the job!

10 || Help Yourself!

Many of the products you use daily may actually be making your symptoms worse. Help yourself and steer clear of perfumes and heavily fragranced lotions and check your labels for irritating preservatives like propylene glycol and parabens. Shelve hair products like gels, pomades and creams, which tend to attract pollen in the air.. Stop spreading pollens all around the place!

Sep 17, 2017